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The ARV Team

Assembled from all over the world, each member of the ARV team provides valuable skills and life experiences. We are commonly guided by the principles of respectful listening, honesty, and the joy of creating excellence together.

Team Member Photo - Ben Al-Doory

Ben Al-Doory


Ben is a member of the finishing team, where he contributes his decades of experience working with wood, leather, and fabrics in the pipe organ industry. He has been playing guitar for over 30 years, and restores vintage motorcycles in his free time.

Team Member Photo - Rick Allen

Rick Allen

Exterior Finish and Hydrographics

I spent 19 years painting and doing graphics for large-scale trailers, such as race car trailers, before I was hired at ARV to work in Exterior Finishing and Hydrographics. What’s most important to me in the world is my family: my wife, Stacy, and our son, Blake. I’m a range officer at a hunting club, and used to coach my son in pee wee football and wrestling. I’m studying tactical first aid, learning skills such as packing bullet holes, using tourniquets, and making splints. I strongly believe in being my own sentinel. 

Team Member Photo - Jody Beller

Jody Beller


Jody leads ARV’s financial functions. She also plays a key role in human resources and data management. In her spare time, Jody loves spending time with her two daughters and two dogs.

Team Member Photo - Mariela Del Castillo

Mariela Del Castillo

Client Relations

The USA is the third country I’ve lived in. Before moving here with my family in 2020, I worked in tourism in Peru and Italy for over 15 years. At ARV, I work in finance and customer service. My family is my greatest passion and number 1 priority. My husband Alex and I have three children: Demi, Brisa and Francesco. My favorite trip is when the five of us spent a week in Paris. I can speak four languages, and would like to learn a fifth someday.

Team Member Photo - Don Davidson

Don Davidson


Before I started working in cabinets at ARV in 2015, I was a home builder and then cabinet maker/installer for high-tech performance trailers. When I'm not at work, I enjoy maintaining my pond and fishing in it. I once lived as a military cop on Midway Island, a 2.5 sq mile island in the Pacific, and was a Navy Seabee. I have a great wife and four wonderful boys. A goal I'm working towards is retirement, though I love my job so much I may push it back a few years...or maybe not.

Team Member Photo - Steve Dillworth

Steve Dillworth


Steve is part of our cabinet team. He brings 14 years of aircraft cabinetry skills to his role, as he helps ARV provide innovative, functional, and elegant solutions. In his free time, he fishes and coaches softball.

Team Member Photo - Trevor Dodson

Trevor Dodson


Trevor brings hands-on furniture experience with his industrial design background. He supports both the design team and the production team as a van build comes to life.. Trevor enjoys making music, looking through vinyl record bins, and rescuing vintage furniture.

Team Member Photo - Mitchell Dunbar

Mitchell Dunbar


I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and then London, England, before moving back to Ohio, where I now produce and oversee media for Advanced RV. I love to create across a variety of platforms. I'm interested in photography, videography, graphic design, producing music, and writing. My favorite thing in the world is to go on a hike with someone.

Team Member Photo - Tricia Eller

Tricia Eller

Client Communications

On my first date with my partner, he asked me what my life goal was, and my answer remains the same to this day: I just want to be happy...simple. I am the Customer Relations and Office Coordinator at ARV. I thrive in a fast-paced environment and working with my team and our customers. Vacationing with my family in our RV or driving to the ocean, having great conversations while taking long walks, and spreading positivity are my joys! I am 100% Croatian and first generation American. My mom is my idol because of her patience, generosity and desire to always help others. My favorite motto is "Carpe Diem", you just have to!

Team Member Photo -  Brent  Figueira

Brent Figueira


Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, I love sports, especially Cleveland sports. Hockey is my favorite. I started playing when I was three years old and still (try to) play. I'm the middle of five kids and my family members are my best friends. I've always been passionate about anything with a motor and love fixing anything and everything. Innovation and making things better are always my goal and drive me to improve everyday. I like to draw, and have an artistic side, from abstract (cartoon style), to realism and architectural. I've designed and created logos, tattoos and murals for friends and family.

Team Member Photo - Jonathan Flick

Jonathan Flick


Jon is ARV’s lead engineer with 25 years of factory automation and design experience. He’s an entrepreneur and an inventor at heart, having developed a variety of Class 1 medical devices. In his spare time, Jon works with tractors, boats, and off-road vehicles.

Team Member Photo - Mike Griffiths

Mike Griffiths

Operations & Production

Mike is our production leader. As an expert, he applies his high standards to everything he touches. Mike grew up working on all things mechanical & creating architectural designs.

Team Member Photo - Elise Hanson

Elise Hanson


I started working at ARV on my birthday, initially for data analysis, and have since played a role in quality checking and video editing. Before ARV, I worked at an urban hydroponics farm in Cincinnati, a smoothie shop in Hawaii, and an off-grid hostel in Australia. My recent hobbies have been rock climbing and 35mm film photography.

Team Member Photo - Myron Hare

Myron Hare

Mechanical Designer

Family, country, and honor. These are three things that my father instilled in me. I am a proud US Army Veteran, and I served during the end of the Vietnam War. At ARV, I am a mechanical designer. I like to fish, garden, and play with my grandsons. I have been married now for thirty-seven years to my wife, Barb. We have two children and two grandsons. I used to train dogs for dog shows, and still have two: Lilly and Rocky. The craziest event I was ever associated with was The Gathering of the Juggalos in Cave Rock, Illinois.

Team Member Photo - Mary Kapeluch

Mary Kapeluch


All of my jobs over the years have involved sewing, so it’s no surprise that my position at ARV is the Upholstery Lead. Starting at a young age, I helped my mom make quilts. My three grandchildren are my greatest passion in life, and I look forward to being there as they grow up and choose their own paths. When there are no kids to chase after, I like sitting in the backyard, a nice gin with cucumber and mint in one hand, my dog, Willow, for company.

Team Member Photo - Frank Kolasinski

Frank Kolasinski

IT & Service

Frank is tasked with a wide range of activities at ARV. He previously owned an Internet service provider and has worked in tech, construction, and custom fabrication. Frank enjoys boating, home brewing beers, and playing the drums (check out pawnbandohio on Facebook!).

Team Member Photo - Patrick Kordos

Patrick Kordos


From the fractal patterns in a leaf, to how the size of the universe could also be a measurement of time, I am passionate about detail and wonder. I am the Master of Pre-Cab operations, though I’d say I don’t really work here, because all the work I do I truly enjoy. The worst part of my day is when I leave. (Because of the traffic, you sappy reader). The work I do here is rarely seen, but it is the foundation of the whole build, which I take very seriously. As my wife, Rose and I age gracefully, I keep a couple goals: outliving my healthy family and setting foot on all seven continents.

Team Member Photo - Bill Kowalcic

Bill Kowalcic


By day, I work in the Finishing Department at ARV. Otherwise, I am a guitarist in a heavy new wave band, Public Squares. We currently have three full length records and 4 EPs. During the 90s, I toured with the band Sidecar, and over the years have been fortunate enough to share the stage with some of the bands I idolized growing up. I want to do as much good as I can in life, and leave a lasting impression on the world when I’m gone. When I’m not working or making music, you can find me experimenting in the kitchen or playing with my dog.

Team Member Photo - Madeline Lanshe

Madeline Lanshe


If we are allowed one addiction in life, mine is volleyball. When I’m not on the court, I’m top roping on the rocks, traveling, writing, taking pictures, or adventuring with my corgi, Scully. My dream is to be a full-time fiction author. I taught English in Le Mans, France for two years, which will forever feel like my second home. I’m the Editor-in-Chief of the Ethnosphere magazine at ARV, while also working on social media, marketing, and photography. Life is about collecting moments of magic wherever you go, getting lost in the night sky, and immersing yourself in the things that set your soul on fire.

Team Member Photo - Josh Lazanich

Josh Lazanich

Logistics Coordinator

I am the Logistics Coordinator and have been with ARV since the end of 2020. Coming from a family of 6 children, I’ve always been up in everybody’s business, finding something to do either to the detriment, or support, of whomever I choose as a victim. When I'm not running all over Northeast Ohio picking up RV parts, I enjoy a large variety of outdoor activities, and am always willing to try new things. A few of my favorites have been shark diving off the coast of Florida, mountain biking, and skydiving in Utah. On poor weather days, I prefer to stay inside and play video games, listen to music, and cook.

Team Member Photo - Jenise LeMay

Jenise LeMay


Sewing has always been a hobby of mine, and I was self-employed sewing for the home decor industry for ten years. Even when I’m not at ARV, (working in the upholstery department), I am watching sewing videos or working on projects of my own. My greatest passion in life is my faith and church. My husband and I lived in Spain for three years, which gave me the opportunity to travel around and see many incredible things. We have three children and one grandson. I also am committed to learning how to play piano.

Team Member Photo - Alex LLacsahuanga

Alex LLacsahuanga


Alex is a master upholsterer who designs and creates custom beds, seats, and other textile components in our vans. Originally from Peru, Alex moved to Rome, Italy, where he spent over 15 years at the five-star Hassler + Ritz Carlton hotels.

Team Member Photo - Donato Luciani

Donato Luciani

Metal Fabrication

I am a machinist at ARV. I’ve been married for over 30 years, with two children, Brittany and Anthony. I’d like to go fishing more, and I play some poker, but stay away from gambling because I’m not lucky enough. The most exciting trip I’ve taken was to Alaska with my wife before we were married. We flew in a floatplane and landed in a lake. There was no one else around. You’ve never experienced a quiet like that.

Team Member Photo - Steve Markovich

Steve Markovich


Steve completes electrical & mechanical research and development for ARV & assists with production. His talent lies in integrating components & systems into a cohesive, easy-to-use interface. Steve also serves as a fireman and EMT.

Team Member Photo - Dave McArthur

Dave McArthur

Metal Fabrication

Dave’s experience with custom designing transporters for Nascar and Motocross is pivotal to his role in ARV’s fabrication department. His attention to detail and willingness to learn is essential. In his leisure time, David can be found working on hot rods, gunsmithing, and hunting.

Team Member Photo - Koan McComas

Koan McComas

Metal Fabrication

I'm a welder/fabricator at ARV and I've been here a little over a year. I've worked with metal most of my life, first as a blacksmith starting in my teens and then as a welder starting in my twenties. In my free time I like to continue smithing, where I make tools and art in my home shop. I also enjoy playing board games with my friends and spending time with my dogs.

Team Member Photo - Rob Michener

Rob Michener


I’ve been working at ARV since 2015 in Cabinets. I’ve always liked the math part of carpentry, figuring out the angles and how to make things work. When I’m off the clock, I’m still building decks, garden arbors, and other projects people request. I worked for 8 years delivering 6-8 tons of ice a day to Amish homes. I spent two weeks outside New Orleans with the fire department after Hurricane Katrina, fighting fires, cleaning, and demolishing. I like to motor through life, taking things as they come and dealing with what’s in front of me. Don’t need anything fancy.

Team Member Photo - Steve Moore

Steve Moore


I’ve been with ARV since van number 1, in 2012. I’m a cabinet maker. When I’m not at work, I like camping, kayaking, and biking. I have two children, Mariah and Paul. I’m an elder at my church, and both at work and in life, I want to be all that I can be.

Team Member Photo - Brian Morris

Brian Morris


Brian is an expert craftsman & a resource for every part of our builds. His commitment to quality and productivity is the result of 22 years of experience. Brian enjoys competitive cycling, long-distance running, and touring on his motorcycle.

Team Member Photo - Carolyn Nagle

Carolyn Nagle


Carolyn works in ARV’s upholstery shop. She has expertise both as a seamstress and a craftsman. She takes an active interest in ARV’s clients & enjoys conversations about camping. Carolyn spends her free time cooking and baking. Her homemade bread is exquisite, trust us.

Team Member Photo - Mike Neundorfer

Mike Neundorfer


Mike is the president of ARV. He supplies ideas & motivation, enabling team members to take ownership of their roles. Mike and his wife Marcia toured the U.S. and Canada in four different Class B Sprinter motorhomes, inspiring the creation of ARV in 2012.

Team Member Photo - Ian Nickels

Ian Nickels

CNC Machinery

I’m in charge of programming and running our CNC machine & 3D printers. Throughout my 8 years at ARV I have picked up some responsibilities in upper cabinet design. My interest in manufacturing started with learning to weld at a young age, which led me to take metal shop classes in high school and graduate from the Advanced Manufacturing Program at Auburn Career Center. Some hobbies I’ve picked up along the way have been knife sharpening and mead making.

Team Member Photo - Chris Perko

Chris Perko

Quality Control

With a degree in mechanical engineering and a background in manufacturing, I am responsible for quality control at ARV. My wife and I love going on ski trips and hiking with our dog. I also enjoy playing hockey and riding my motorcycle. One of my favorite things to do is work in my woodshop.

Team Member Photo - Zach Province

Zach Province


My whole life, I’ve fixed/built things and worked on cars. I’ve been at ARV for almost 4 years, in the Finishing department, where the final and, dare I say, most pretty features are built and installed. I am an amateaur race car driver and semi-pro football player. My goal is to play professional football someday. After work, you can find me at the gym, enjoying nature, reading someplace comfy, shanking balls on a golf course, or spending time with my adorable pitbull, Skooch. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life it would for sure be Mac and Cheese.

Team Member Photo - Ron Simecek

Ron Simecek


I started at ARV in 2017 in the Pre-Cab dept., and from there moved up to the Electrical Dept, Service, and now my current position in the Plumbing Dept. I continue to learn something new each day from the team here at ARV. I get to spend my free time with my beautiful daughter, Skylar, who is 6 (going on 16) and my amazing wife of 15 years, Ashley. Whenever I get a chance to sneak away from the girls, you can find me either out in my garage working on the honeydew list (which I am finding out will never end) or out on Lake Erie fishing for walleye.

Team Member Photo - Jacob Sledz

Jacob Sledz


My love for building and fixing things started at a young age, working on family vehicles with my grandfather in the driveway. At ARV, I lead the Pre-Box Operations. In my free time you can find me working on a side job, working on a family members' car or hanging a new piece of artwork for my girlfriend, Amanda. Looking to the future, I would love to one day have a workshop I could call my own!

Team Member Photo - Janice Spicuzza

Janice Spicuzza


Since 2015, I’ve been working as the client interface for ARV. I’ve been married for over 20 years and have three children. In 2022 I attended a week-long circus school where I worked on various forms of acrobatics, including the flying trapeze. I used to compete in marathons and triathlons, then switched to circus acrobatics in my late 30s. One of my goals is to medal individually in an aerial acrobatic competition.

Team Member Photo - Justin Stange

Justin Stange


I’ve been around cars since childhood. My dad would take me to the local drag races he participated in, then taught me how to work on cars as a teenager. At 15, I replaced the exhaust system of our station wagon. At ARV, I’m a service/suspension tech. I love music and am working on a project relating to music therapy. My biggest goal at the moment is to finish restoring my own car that I can drive day to day and take to the tracks. Also, I hate Ketchup and odd numbers, but I make a wicked chicken noodle soup and offer it to anyone and everyone.

Team Member Photo - Adam Stupi

Adam Stupi


I have worked on every single van at ARV, first as a subcontractor, then as a full-time team member when I sold my woodworking business to ARV in 2018. Now, I’m a cabinet builder/coordinator. My wife and I have three daughters who are all musical and beautiful (of which I am envious). I’m passionate about using my skills to the best of my abilities and taking care of my mental health. Most impressively, I have a limitless internal library of movie quotes from the 80s.

Team Member Photo - Rick Sturm

Rick Sturm


Rick leads ARV’s plumbing station. His experience includes decades of maintenance and carpentry work. His main job is installing hot and cold water lines for the faucets in our motor homes. He enjoys camping and canoeing with his wife, especially in The Alleghany State Park.

Team Member Photo - Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner

Building Maintenance

Born in Houston, Texas, Mark recently moved to Cleveland from Woodbridge, Virginia. He is married with 4 kids. He recently joined ARV and is looking forward to working here for many years.

Team Member Photo - Rob Wick

Rob Wick

Carpentry & Design

I’ve worked with ARV since their first van in 2012. Starting in the cabinet shop as a contractor, my role gradually moved to design and client interaction. I became a full-time ARV employee in 2020. I love spending time outside, (riding ATVs or driving Jeeps, or just walking in a quiet woods away from people), and I bought an 87 acre property along the Ohio River, which has an old log cabin that I am renovating. My wife, Amy, and I have two sons, Neal and Ray. I can play the tuba, and someday I’d love to own horses.

Team Member Photo - Travis Yocum

Travis Yocum


After 10 years in new construction and 15 at a cabinet shop, I found ARV, where I continue to work on cabinets. I am most passionate about my family: my wife of almost 20 years, Becky, and my kids, Penny and Guy. Lately, I’ve been getting back into drawing, doing realistic sketches of iconic celebrities such as Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix. Otherwise, I like hiking and kayaking. My goal in life is to have it in order, and be content. Oh, and I can wiggle my ears.

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