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The ARV Team

Assembled from all over the world, each member of the ARV team provides valuable skills and life experiences. We are commonly guided by the principles of respectful listening, honesty, and the joy of creating excellence together.

Team Member Photo - Ben Al-Doory

Ben Al-Doory


Ben is a member of the finishing team, where he contributes his decades of experience working with wood, leather, and fabrics in the pipe organ industry. He has been playing guitar for over 30 years, and restores vintage motorcycles in his free time.

Team Member Photo - Rick Allen

Rick Allen

Exterior Finish and Hydrographics

Rick is a skilled, hardworking exterior finishing specialist. An excellent painter, his attention to detail in all aspects of our motorhome production is evident in is work. Rick lives with his wife and son. They enjoy hunting and fishing as a family.

Team Member Photo - Jody Beller

Jody Beller


Jody leads ARV’s financial functions. She also plays a key role in human resources and data management. In her spare time, Jody loves spending time with her two daughters and two dogs.

Team Member Photo - Mariela Del Castillo

Mariela Del Castillo

Client Relations

Mariela handles financial transactions for the Advanced RV team and our clients. She is originally from Peru, and in her free time, Mariela enjoys spending time with her son and two daughters.

Team Member Photo - Don Davidson

Don Davidson


Don works with the cabinet team to build, laminate, and install cabinets. His love for this work started at a young age—Don has been a carpenter since the age of 14. As a Seabee for the United States Naval Construction Forces, Don was a mason and builder.

Team Member Photo - Steve Dillworth

Steve Dillworth


Steve is part of our cabinet team. He brings 14 years of aircraft cabinetry skills to his role, as he helps ARV provide innovative, functional, and elegant solutions. In his free time, he fishes and coaches softball.

Team Member Photo - Trevor Dodson

Trevor Dodson


Trevor brings hands-on furniture experience with his industrial design background. He supports both the design team and the production team as a van build comes to life.. Trevor enjoys making music, looking through vinyl record bins, and rescuing vintage furniture.

Team Member Photo - Mitchell Dunbar

Mitchell Dunbar


Mitchell coordinates ARV’s Marketing and Social Media efforts. An Ohio State graduate that specializes in media technologies, he is always behind a camera or editing a video. In his free time, Mitchell makes music, explores nature, and pets dogs.

Team Member Photo - Tricia Eller

Tricia Eller

Client Communications

Tricia is ARV’s client communications leader. Her primary role is to keep in contact with current and potential clients. Tricia works with the team to make sure projects are organized and completed on time. In the summer, Tricia can be found near Lake Erie, enjoying family gatherings.

Team Member Photo - Jonathan Flick

Jonathan Flick


Jon is ARV’s lead engineer with 25 years of factory automation and design experience. He’s an entrepreneur and an inventor at heart, having developed a variety of Class 1 medical devices. In his spare time, Jon works with tractors, boats, and off-road vehicles.

Team Member Photo - Mike Griffiths

Mike Griffiths

Operations & Production

Mike is our production leader. As an expert, he applies his high standards to everything he touches. Mike grew up working on all things mechanical & creating architectural designs.

Team Member Photo - Elise Hanson

Elise Hanson

Data and Analytics

Elise manages the internal data tracking and analysis that improve our organization and van builds. Outside of work she enjoys being active outside, thrifting, and using her relatives' old film cameras.

Team Member Photo - Myron Hare

Myron Hare

Mechanical Designer

Myron is the lead mechanical designer with 30 plus years of experience and knowledge in 3D design and document control. In his spare time, he likes to fish, garden and spend time with his wife Barb and grandson, Justin

Team Member Photo - Mary Kapeluch

Mary Kapeluch


Mary provides ARV’s upholstery team with 20 years of sewing experience. Her passion & creativity are undeniable as she fabricates elegant interiors for our coaches. Mary learned her trade as a young girl, knitting, and sewing with her mom.

Team Member Photo - Elizabeth Keller

Elizabeth Keller


Elizabeth is an Alabama native with a Master's in Industrial Design from Auburn University. At ARV, Elizabeth works with clients to understand their objectives and ensures those objectives are met. In her free time, she enjoys making art to display in local galleries.

Team Member Photo - Frank Kolasinski

Frank Kolasinski

IT & Service

Frank is tasked with a wide range of activities at ARV. He previously owned an Internet service provider and has worked in tech, construction, and custom fabrication. Frank enjoys boating, home brewing beers, and playing the drums (check out Pawn Band on Facebook!).

Team Member Photo - Patrick Kordos

Patrick Kordos


Patrick’s 12 years of mechanical, electrical, & plumbing experience are essential in his role at ARV. His key responsibilities are troubleshooting, repairing, & servicing ARV coaches. His passion for building car stereos in his spare time is an asset to ARV’s electrical department.

Team Member Photo - Bill Kowalcic

Bill Kowalcic


Bill works in our finishing department here at ARV. He previously worked in residential and industrial construction and maintenance prior to arriving at ARV. In his free time, Bill is a guitarist and vocalist in a local band.

Team Member Photo - Shane Laporte

Shane Laporte


Shane is a native New Yorker who was a professional Luthier and Guitar and Amplifier tech in Austin and Nashville. He relocated to Ohio to be closer to his son. In his spare time, he writes and records music, tends to his garden, and helps his partner with her Wim Hof Ice Bathing workshops.

Team Member Photo - Josh Lazanich

Josh Lazanich

Logistics Coordinator

Josh is our logistics coordinator. He enjoys long walks on the beach and drinking pina coladas while getting caught in the rain. He really enjoys anything outdoors, but his favorite is mountain biking and frisbee.

Team Member Photo - Jenise LeMay

Jenise LeMay


Jenise brings many years of experience in the window coverings and soft furnishings industry as a seamstress and then workroom owner. In her spare time she participates in the local quilt guild.

Team Member Photo - Alex LLacsahuanga

Alex LLacsahuanga


Alex is a master upholsterer who designs and creates custom beds, seats, and other textile components in our vans. Originally from Peru, Alex moved to Rome, Italy, where he spent over 15 years at the five-star Hassler + Ritz Carlton hotels.

Team Member Photo - Donato Luciani

Donato Luciani

Metal Fabrication

Donato works in our Metal Fabrication department. Outside of work, Donato loves the outdoors. He enjoys riding his motorcycle and fishing when he can.

Team Member Photo - Steve Markovich

Steve Markovich


Steve completes electrical & mechanical research and development for ARV & assists with production. His talent lies in integrating components & systems into a cohesive, easy-to-use interface. Steve also serves as a fireman and EMT.

Team Member Photo - Dave McArthur

Dave McArthur

Metal Fabrication

Dave’s experience with custom designing transporters for Nascar and Motocross is pivotal to his role in ARV’s fabrication department. His attention to detail and willingness to learn is essential. In his leisure time, David can be found working on hot rods, gunsmithing, and hunting.

Team Member Photo - Rob Michener

Rob Michener


Rob builds and finishes cabinets as part of ARV’s cabinet team. He brings extensive carpentry experience to the team. In his youth, he spent his summers working as a landscaper. He enjoys camping and attending his children’s sporting events.

Team Member Photo - Steve Moore

Steve Moore


Steve assists with the design and installation of ARV’s cabinetry. His attention to detail and hard work enable him to deliver first-class results on a tight deadline. When not at work, Steve enjoys spending time with his children and participating in church activities.

Team Member Photo - Brian Morris

Brian Morris


Brian is an expert craftsman & a resource for every part of our builds. His commitment to quality and productivity is the result of 22 years of experience. Brian enjoys competitive cycling, long-distance running, and touring on his motorcycle.

Team Member Photo - Amy Moskin

Amy Moskin


Amy is our importer of fine goods and makes sure all our materials arrive on time. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her horse, with her dogs, or hiking. She enjoys traveling and camping with her husband and they built a tiny home together.

Team Member Photo - Brandon Musgrave

Brandon Musgrave

Electrical/Software Development

Brandon works in our electrical department. He is a software engineer who in his free time enjoys math, puzzles, and being a new dad.

Team Member Photo - Carolyn Nagle

Carolyn Nagle


Carolyn works in ARV’s upholstery shop. She has expertise both as a seamstress and a craftsman. She takes an active interest in ARV’s clients & enjoys conversations about camping. Carolyn spends her free time cooking and baking. Her homemade bread is exquisite, trust us.

Team Member Photo - Mike Neundorfer

Mike Neundorfer


Mike is the president of ARV. He supplies ideas & motivation, enabling team members to take ownership of their roles. Mike and his wife Marcia toured the U.S. and Canada in four different Class B Sprinter motorhomes, inspiring the creation of ARV in 2012.

Team Member Photo - Ian Nickels

Ian Nickels

CNC Machinery

Ian is ARV’s CNC operator, responsible for creating tool path programs from engineered drawings. Using his mechanical skills, he once helped build a motorized couch. Outside of work, he is a handyman to his friends and family.

Team Member Photo - Chris Perko

Chris Perko

Quality Control

Chris ensures each ARV motorhome meets client objectives and expectations. He ensures each system is functioning properly and each aspect of the motorhome is crafted to the highest standard. Chris enjoys hiking, playing hockey, and going on motorcycle trips.

Team Member Photo - Mitchell Poulton

Mitchell Poulton


Mitchell is a recent graduate from Cleveland State University. He joined ARV to assist in the E-Commerce Department. He enjoys playing hockey, international travel, tacos, sushi, and playing the drums in his 70's cover band: The Drop Downs.

Team Member Photo - Zach Province

Zach Province


As a member of ARV's finishing team, Zach is one of the last people to touch a van before delivery. When he's not at work, you can find Zach in the gym, playing football, or working on his pride and joy: a modified Mustang named Selena.

Team Member Photo - Ron Simecek

Ron Simecek


Ron is a seasoned ARV technician, having worked in almost every station including pre-cab, service, electrical, and now plumbing. He enjoys being a father, a husband, and a fisherman. Ron is a member of ARV’s pre-cab station. He prepares coaches for wiring, plumbing and finishing, and he also installs wheels prior to shipment. Outside of work, Ron enjoys fishing and spending quality time with his wife and daughter.

Team Member Photo - Jacob Sledz

Jacob Sledz


Jacob is a craftsman with a variety of skills in carpentry and machining. His love for mechanical work started at a young age as he worked on cars alongside his grandfather. In his free time, Jacob enjoys being a Cleveland sports fan and spending time in the Metroparks.

Team Member Photo - Janice Spicuzza

Janice Spicuzza


Janice is on ARV's Design team. She’s also involved with our clients’ configuration process, bringing their custom-built motor homes into a reality. She enjoys roller-skating and traveling with her husband and three young children.

Team Member Photo - Justin Stange

Justin Stange


Justin is Advanced RV’s lead service technician, installing suspension and leveling systems alongside client service work. He has spent decades in service positions at Toyota, Lexus, and Tesla. “I love helping our clients and connecting with everyone who passes through here.”

Team Member Photo - Adam Stupi

Adam Stupi


Adam designs and builds cabinets and components for ARV. He has more than 25 years of experience in the building field. Adam ensures our motor home’s have fine furniture quality that are integrated with other RV systems.

Team Member Photo - Rick Sturm

Rick Sturm


Rick leads ARV’s plumbing station. His experience includes decades of maintenance and carpentry work. His main job is installing hot and cold water lines for the faucets in our motor homes. He enjoys camping and canoeing with his wife, especially in The Alleghany State Park.

Team Member Photo - Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner

Building Maintenance

Born in Houston, Texas, Mark recently moved to Cleveland from Woodbridge, Virginia. He is married with 4 kids. He recently joined ARV and is looking forward to working here for many years.

Team Member Photo - Rob Wick

Rob Wick

Carpentry & Design

Rob is the team leader for the cabinet station. He has more than 20 years of experience in high-end finish carpentry and cabinet building. Rob is excellent at listening to client ideas and transforming them into workable, innovative and beautiful designs.

Team Member Photo - Emily Wist

Emily Wist


Emily is a versatile member of the production team. She has a Master’s degree in sculpture from Boston University, and has professionally made theater sets, museum-grade globes, and other custom fabrications. “I've spent my career building beautiful, interesting, weird things.”

Team Member Photo - Travis Yocum

Travis Yocum


Travis works in our cabinets department. He's been a finish carpenter for the last 15 years and worked in new construction for 10 years before that. He likes listening to all types of music, watching movies, working in the yard, and going on road trips with his family.

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