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Our mission is to work with inspired, adventurous people to turn their travel dreams into a reality with elegance, comfort, and a relationship beyond a custom motorhome.

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Get to Know Each Other

Through questions and conversation, we explore your vision and share our culture to gain an understanding of each other.

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Claim Your Spot in the Queue

If you decide you want to work with us, you will be added to the queue after placing a first deposit.

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Come for Configuration

Following the initial deposit, we invite you to our facility for a three-day configuration process during which, with our provided guidance and expertise, the decisions on the design of your build are made.

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Review Design and Pricing Package

Following the configuration, the ARV team creates a Design Package with floor plan drawings and a price. Once you've given your final approval, you will send a second deposit.

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Receive Updates on Your Build

Nine teams of ARV craftspeople, including welders, electricians, plumbers, upholsterers, painters, and cabinetmakers - collaborate on the build, sending you progress photos every step of the way.

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Delivery, Training, and Service

When your build is complete, you will return to ARV for delivery, training, and celebration of a materialized vision. You will be provided with thorough RV Operator Training before you depart on your journey.

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Enjoy the Security of a Lifelong Relationship

No matter where the road takes you, you will receive 24/7 ongoing support and troubleshooting directions from our service team, first priority repair at our facility, and connections with service partners around the country. Welcome to a community of hundreds of ARV clients, adventurers, and the ARV team who will always treat you like family.

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