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Our mission is to work with you to understand your vision for how you want to travel and develop a design that reflects that vision.

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The First Step

Your journey begins when you deposit and share your vision. We order your chassis from Mercedes-Benz and invite you to our facility to collaborate with the ARV design team.

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The Conversations

We start with a conversation. How do you want to travel? What are your look, feel, and lifestyle objectives? We share our experiences and best practices we’ve learned working with other clients.

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The Design

Together we realize your vision within the chassis. We consider where utilities will be accessible and efficient, minding the floor plan, materials, finishes, colors, appliances, beds, cabinet sizes, and more.

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The Build

Nine teams of craftspeople – including welders, electricians, plumbers, upholsterers, painters, and cabinetmakers – collaborate in the build. Quality checks after each phase ensure that we deliver your custom motorhome ready to travel.

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Delivery and Beyond

On delivery day, when clients first step into their finished ARV custom motorhome, we all celebrate the joy of a long, creative process successfully completed. And, the client relationship with ARV continues. At the time of delivery, Advanced-RV provides the new owner with RV operator training, usually over two days; 24/7 ongoing support via phone, email, and text; first priority repair at our facility; and, supported troubleshooting and service with partners around the country.

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