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Our mission is to work with you to understand your vision for how you want to travel and develop a design that reflects that vision.

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Explore Your Vision

Start your journey with these questions: What is my dream? Do I have a specific vision for travel? Have I considered my budget, timeline, and desire for quality? Am I looking for community, partnership, and experience beyond a vehicle?

Your answers to these questions will begin to form your Vision - a collection of your dreams and objectives.

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Get to Know Us

With your vision formed, we recommend coming in for in-person conversations with us in Cleveland, Ohio. During your visit, our primary goal is to listen to your vision and learn about you.

Our second goal is to demonstrate the ARV culture that has made hundreds of custom-build partnerships possible. You'll meet master craftspeople, the minds and hands that will translate your objectives into reality. You'll see custom builds at various in-progress stages and learn about our service philosophy.

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Claim Your Spot in the Queue

When our visions align, our partnership begins. You place a $35,000 deposit that claims a spot in the production queue, and we commit to the chassis on which your build will take place. We are open to building on any platform - though the majority of our clients select the Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

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The Configuration - Your Ideas on Paper

Following the initial deposit, we invite you back to our facility for a three-day design we like to call the "Configuration".  
A member of the ARV design team is assigned to your build and is tasked with understanding and documenting every aspect of your vision. We pull in craftspeople from every discipline for their input, we explore onsite ARVs that might provide inspiration, and we share our experiences and best practices we've learned working with other clients.

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Your Design and Price

Following your configuration, ARV works to create a Design Package for your final approval. The entire team studies the Configuration Document to realize your vision within the chassis, collectively determining the build's feasibility. We create line drawings of your floor plan, taking special consideration of the behind-the-scenes infrastructure, utilities, and appliances that lead to long-term reliability and serviceability.  
The scope of the build will determine its price, which, when combined with the line drawings, will form the complete Design Package sent to you for approval. With your green light, you pay half of the total price, ARV orders your materials and we begin the build.

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The Build

Nine teams of craftspeople - including welders, electricians, plumbers, upholsterers, painters, and cabinetmakers - collaborate on the build. Quality checks after each phase ensure that we deliver your custom motorhome ready to travel. We'll send progress photos every step of the way.

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Delivery, Training, and Service

On delivery day, when clients first step into their finished ARV custom motorhome, we all celebrate the joy of a long, creative process successfully completed.  
Advanced RV provides the new owner with RV operator training, usually over two days; 24/7 ongoing support via phone, email, and text; first priority repair at our facility; and supported troubleshooting and service with partners around the country.  
Now you return to the vision that brought this partnership to life, this time, with a vehicle to make it a reality. The open road is ahead, along with hundreds of ARV members in the community who will support you on your adventure.

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