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Available ARVs

Advanced RV buys back every one of our clients’ builds, inspects and upgrades them with our latest learning, and offers them for immediate purchase, allowing those who may not be ready for a new custom build to experience the ARV community and service.

Why should I consider a pre-owned Advanced RV?
How can I be sure the van is up to date and in good condition? Does ARV quality-control or upgrade these builds?
What's the best way to learn more? Can I visit Advanced RV?

Brand New

The ARVs listed in this section are either units that we designed in-house, or client-designed builts that were never sold to an owner. All vans are equipped with new technology or innovation - they have been taken out for testing trips, but never titled, so they are sold as new with multi-year ARV warranty.


ARV Team Design with Extended Rear Storage

Pre-Owned AWD/4x4

Explore whatever lies ahead with these Pre-Owned ARVs, immediately available in 4x4 or AWD chassis. All builds were repurchased from ARV clients, inspected and upgraded by the ARV team, and are available with warranty and ARV service.


2019 144 4x4


2018 170 Ext 4x4

Pre-Owned 2WD

These rear-wheel drive ARVs were designed by clients for comfort and accessibility, then repurchased for upgrades by ARV. All builds are available with warranty and ARV service.

Bam Bam

2015 170" Standard 2WD


2014 170" Extended 2WD

Van Gogh

2016 3500 170 Extended 2WD


2015 170" Extended 2WD

Myst Too

2016 170 EXT 2WD

Special Chassis

In our efforts to find new paths and build possibilities, ARV sometimes comes across special chassis, or builds that we've started that are available for anyone to purchase. Please contact us for more info.

Heavy Duty Upgraded Sprinter

Stock Chassis ready for deposit and build

Deposit Collage Photo

We sometimes have stock Mercedes Sprinter chassis, ready to be claimed by someone who desires to initiate a build with us. These brand new chassis already have a spot in our build queue, so their time-to-delivery is shorter than the normal process. The process begins with a deposit that claims the chassis and a spot in the production queue. Below is what is currently available:

-2023 Two-wheel drive, 170" Standard Mercedes Sprinter 4500 in Graphite Gray  

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