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Available ARVs

Welcome to the Available Advanced RV page. Here we'll share any Advanced RVs available for immediate purchase – including ARV spec vans designed by our team and our clients' pre-owned builds, inspected, and upgraded.

All available ARVs are guaranteed with warranty.

New ARVs for Sale

There are a few new motorhomes included here. Typically, these are units that we designed in-house, applied and tested new technology or innovation. They have been taken out for testing trips, but never titled, so they are sold as new.


Boxy Lady

Pre-owned ARVs for Sale

When a client decides to sell their existing ARV (sometimes because they are buying a new ARV), they inform us and we provide a competitive cash offer. In our over ten years of experience, there have been only a couple of our motorhomes that we didn’t repurchase, upgrade, guarantee, and make available for immediate use. We do a comprehensive quality check and upgrade systems before reselling.





Stock Chassis ready for deposit and build

Deposit Collage Photo

We sometimes have stock Mercedes Sprinter chassis, ready to be claimed by someone who desires to initiate a build with us. These brand new chassis already have a spot in our build queue, so their time-to-delivery is shorter than the normal process. The process begins with a deposit that claims the chassis and a spot in the production queue. Below is what is currently available:

-One two-wheel drive, 170″ standard-length Sprinter in the color Pebble Grey (6 cylinder engine).

-One two-wheel drive, 170″ extended-length Sprinter in the color Selenite Gray Metallic (4 cylinder)

-One two-wheel drive, 170″ standard-length Sprinter in the color Steel Blue (4 cylinder)

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