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Heavy Duty Upgraded Sprinter

Heavy Duty Upgraded Sprinter Van
Year:2019 Chassis, 2022 Upgrades
Drivetrain:Custom 4x4 Upgrade
Wheelbase:Sprinter 3500 Cutaway Chassis

We have two Sprinter chassis, upgraded by Whitefeather 4x4 Conversions in California. They are upgraded with Ford F350 and other custom parts to offer substantial off-road capabilities, including lifted ground clearance, 4x4 capacity, low range capability, locking differential, anti-slip, and more.

One is a 144" wheelbase single rear wheel chassis, and the other is 170" wheelbase dual rear wheel. These chassis can be 1) claimed by a prospective client for their custom ARV build, or 2) sold as-is to a Do-it-Yourself buyer. Please share any questions and we'd be happy to answer.


Here are some of the upgrades:

6.5" lift

Ford F350 front axle

Custom front + rear driveshaft

Ford F350 transfer case

Ford F350 hub locks

Cryo disc brake upgrade

Custom front sway bar

Ford F350 front shock absorbers made by Bilstein

Fox rear shock absorbers

Oversize wheels and tires

Wider stance than Sprinter with custom rear wheel spacers

Want to learn more about Heavy Duty Upgraded Sprinter?

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Whitefeather-28 photo
Whitefeather-2 photo
Whitefeather-18 photo
Whitefeather-10 photo
Whitefeather-20 photo
Whitefeather-23 photo
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