Advanced-RV is a team of crafts-people who produce the best custom, highest quality Class-B RVs in all of North America — if not the world. Always innovating and always focused on the customer’s wants, needs, and experience — Advanced-RV is the place to go if you want to commission THE RV for you. We LOVE our coach — she gives us the freedom to go anywhere without any worries about plugging-in or fitting down a small road or making it up the tallest incline. All with class, style, comfort and the MOST advanced systems available on the market. Mike N. has created a family and a community in addition to his amazing company that makes the best Class-B’s, period. Rent one — go to the annual fest — you’ll see!


My wife Lynn and I are exploring RV’ing as part of our recently declared retirement phase. Mike and his team (special call out to Rob!) could not have been more accommodating. Advanced-RV’s facility, people, and quality manufacturing are extremely impressive. You can tell they take great pride in their innovation, quality and ultimate service to their customers. It helps to prep and understand what Advanced-RV is about on their various YouTube postings. This will help determine if ARV is right for you. Again, thanks to the whole ARV team for making our trip from Chicago so worthwhile!

-John R.

Mike and his staff at Advanced RV are exceptional! Their keen craftsmanship and attention to detail are heads above the rest. I was so impressed with their impeccable facility. You could see how each of the various department staff took pride in their particular craft/expertise and they were friendly to boot! The proof is in Advanced RV’s final product’s understated elegance and ease of use. Bravo ARV!

-Kim K.

If you’re looking for a premium high-quality RV experience undoubtedly this is the place you want to reach out to!

-Mario C.

Everyone is so nice and you feel well taken care of. The integrity of the facility is fantastic. We traveled across the USA to go to Ohio to get our RV at Advanced RV. They are the best!

-Dharma C.

I have lived full time for 5 years in an Advanced RV van. Fit and finish is hands done the best in the business. No squeaks or rattles after all this time. The recycled rubber floor shows no wear, despite dogs living with me. If you want the best, this is the place. Quality, technology, and TLC.

-Brun D.

Outstanding RV rental experience! I rented Advanced RV’s Giddy-Up for 1 week recently and had a wonderful time. Viki, Mike and the staff at Advanced RV were great in providing an introduction to the RV (I’ve not driven an RV before). Giddy-Up’s Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis was very easy to drive with impressive visibility via the large front windshield.

ARV’s build of the interior was excellent to live in. I never plugged into shore power and charged the batteries by driving and solar. It was rather cold in November but Giddy-Up’s heating system kept me very warm and the Silverleaf console allowed detailed access and information to all of the systems (e.g., climate, batteries, water, etc). The workmanship is superb in the RV, the kitchen worked great for cooking, and the bathroom/shower was well organized.

Rent the Giddy Up

-Reed A.

We’ve had our ARV van for 3 years and nearly 50,000 miles. The quality and durability are outstanding. And the ARV team is the best. They are always there to take care of us. Having ARV build our van is the best move we have made.

-Bob M.

We have been full-timing for almost a year in our ARV and love it. The RV has been reliable, the customer service has been wonderful and the entire company to an employee is devoted to quality work. I would encourage anyone with interest to attend ARV’s annual Fest in early May to check out these innovative RV’s for yourself.

-Jean L.

First rate coaches and wonderfully friendly staff. Got the complete tour during our visit. If you’re looking for a first class build, check them out!

-John M.

A refreshing, innovative company. Advanced RV puts the focus on its customer experience and delivering the highest quality product while cultivating a associate environment that is second to none. In todays retail environment its nice to see a company that is focused on relationships more that the bottom line.

-Kevin G.

Stopped by Advanced RV on our way back from Germany. Mike was awesome in showing us around the new facility and and explaining all of the new innovations. I have been to many van conversion companies across the US and this is the highest quality product I have seen. I am very impressed as well as grateful for the tour.

Take a Virtual Tour of Our Facility

-Wesley R.

Owner came to personally give us a tour and despite my reservations about “van life” we were thoroughly convinced this will be where we purchase our future travel vehicle. Top quality, craftsmanship, and technology.

-Mario A.


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