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Why should I consider building an Advanced-RV (ARV) van?

You should consider an Advanced-RV build if you can’t find what you want from the big brand, factory made offerings. We will custom build an ARV to your specific vision.

How do I know I will get exactly the van I want from Advanced-RV?

You know you will get exactly what you want because you will direct the design process. You will spend a few days in person with Advanced-RV designers and craftspeople, face to face designing every aspect of your ARV motorhome.

Why is three full days necessary?

Our experience has shown that a face-to-face design process works best. We have tried during the worst of COVID to do the design process virtually. We find it doesn’t work nearly as well as in-person because clients find it helpful to be able to walk to the production floor and see examples of many design options and also be able to talk to the craftspeople doing the work to explain their objectives.

How much does an ARV cost?

An ARV will cost 2-4 times more than a factory-built class B motorhome

How do I determine if I want to work with ARV?

After you have watched our videos (YouTube channel: Advanced-RV), we encourage you to visit us, share your travel objectives, look over our facility and our work to make sure we are a fit for you. We also respond quickly to questions by phone, text, and email.

What’s standard in an ARV build?

We have no standard build or standard options. ARV only builds custom motorhomes. We build what the client asks for. We build whatever the client wants that fits in the van, is safe, and legal.

How do I work with ARV to design my motorhome?

Our “Path to Delivery” starts with a refundable deposit that holds your place in the production queue and gets the process moving. After the deposit, we typically custom order your chassis, schedule your 2-3 day configuration meeting with you and move forward with you.

How does the configuration meeting work?

The configuration meeting works well because it is fundamentally a conversation where you share how you want to travel and your use objectives. We listen and ask questions that lead us to your motorhome vision.

What is the lead time between deposit and delivery?

Client backlog varies; over the last 10 years it has ranged between 1 and 2 years.

Can I buy a pre-owned Advanced RV? Where can I find pre-owned information?

We list ARV pre-owned motor homes on our website (link). You can often find a video of the pre-owned motor homes on our YouTube channel.

What if I want to sell my Advanced RV?

ARV has purchased nearly every ARV motorhome that has come on the market. We make an above-market cash offer within a week of the time the client shares their desire to sell. We inspect, recondition and warranty all pre-owned ARV motorhomes.

Can I rent an Advanced RV?

No, We are sorry but although we did have a rental business at one time, we found it distracted from our core business and discontinued rentals.

Can ARV upfit the van I’m building myself?

ARV has the capability to do almost anything, but we limit the support of DIY builders so we can focus on our client custom builds. We will do clearly defined projects such as VB air installs, quiet AC installs, and some other upgrades.

How does Advanced RV approach service?

Our service objective is to get clients back on the road as soon as possible. Our warranty is bumper to bumper. We take responsibility for the first three years for every aspect of the van not covered by MB. When our clients are on the road, we partner with high-quality local service organizations. We help them troubleshoot and pay them immediately so our clients get back on the road quickly.

I’m concerned about the safety of lithium iron batteries. What have you done to ensure the safety of the Advanced-RV battery system?

Advanced-RVs incorporate lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 batteries. There are nearly a dozen different types of lithium ion batteries, and the LiFePO4type is among the safest. In order to catch fire, the batteries we use would need to be simultaneously punctured and exposed to direct flame, and the batteries will not continue to burn unless exposed to flame. Each of our batteries relies on internal circuitry that protects the cells from over discharge or overcharging. The system includes a battery temperature monitor. We have extensively researched our battery options and concluded that LiFePO4batteries provide the highest level of safety and performance.

Please note, LiFePO4 batteries weigh slightly more than other lithium ion batteries with the same capacity.

Does an Advanced RV come with a warranty?

Yes, Advanced-RV is a Mercedes Master Upfitter so all standard and extended Mercedes chassis warranties apply. We also provide a three-year bumper-to-bumper warranty on everything not covered by Mercedes Benz.

Can I work for Advanced RV?

We are always looking for excellent people to join us. We list openings on our website (link).

How efficient are the solar panels? Is there room to add more?

Some Advanced-RVs include two, 95-watt, glass solar panels—the largest we can fit into our standard roof configuration. Due to the air-conditioning unit, MaxxAir roof fan, bathroom skylight, cellular and Wi-Fi antennas, tank vent, and awning (optional), there isn’t much extra space on the roof. We could potentially add additional solar panel capacity by reconfiguring the roof.

Can I visit Advanced RV?

Yes. Visitors are always welcome. Our working hours are 8-5, Monday through Friday. Please call our main number to set up a visit. 440-283-0405

How much fuel does the diesel-fired heating system consume?

1/5 gallon per hour on high idle.

What capabilities does Advanced RV have in-house?

We have nearly 30 full-time master craftspeople. We have a complete furniture shop, a metal fabrication, and bending shop, a hydrographic facility, complete sewing and upholstery capabilities, Plumbing experts, electrical experts, battery manufacturing, and certified sound experts. Our vertical integrated approach with master craft people enables us to build a highly crafted, custom motorhome in a short time. We are a group that listens to our clients and each other so we can understand and create exactly what the client envisions. Our craftspeople are supported by experienced engineers and designers.

What can I expect for depreciation for a new/used Advanced RV?

All motorhomes depreciate. ARV motorhomes typically depreciate at a lower rate than average for high-end motorhomes.

To what extent are Advanced RVs four season vehicles?

All our builds are four-season capable due to our battery and plumbing engineering. Some builds have deeper winter capabilities than others.

Can I live off the grid?

Yes. ARV was founded on using technology and reliability to create freedom of travel. ARV has large tanks for fresh, gray, and black water, and robust and high-capacity battery systems for travel off the grid.

You seem awfully enamored with your cabinetry. What makes your cabinets so nice?

We build our cabinets in modular form using 3⁄4-inch and 1⁄2-inch high-pressure laminates with lacquered maple interiors. We use high-quality hinges and hardware, and the upper cabinet door stays adjust to hold the door in any position between closed and fully open against the ceiling. We assemble the cabinets using screws and staples, and mount them securely to the vehicle to prevent creaks and rattles. We mold the cabinets to fit the angles of the vehicle walls to maximize storage capacity, and (except for under sinks) we run wiring and plumbing behind the backs of the cabinets.

What batteries does ARV use in a build?

ARV has exclusively used Lithium Ion battery systems since our founding 10 years ago.

How are the lithium batteries charged? Are they safe?

Our battery systems are charged while driving, plugged into shore power (not necessary),  or through solar. Battery monitoring and function are integrated into our custom-programmed battery management system.

Can I supply my own Sprinter Chassis for my upfit?

Yes, However almost every client orders their chassis through us because we have fleet status with Mercedes Benz and we help guide clients through their options choices. However, there are occasionally clients who bring their own chassis to us.

Can Advanced RV build on a platform other than the Mercedes Sprinter?

Yes, we can. However, our clients typically chose the Sprinter chassis for its capability and longevity.

How do I monitor the systems on my Advanced RV?

Advanced-RV has a single integrated, touch screen control and monitoring system.

What does ARV offer in terms of WiFi/Cellular connectivity?

We offer whatever the client desires for connectivity. We have provided cell boosters, WiFi boosters, hot spots, satellite connections, and CB radios.

Can I add a security system to my motorhome?

Yes, we’ve equipped vans with everything from auto deadbolts to camera surveillance to motion detection lights, etc.

Can my van be equipped with 360/rear view cameras?

Yes. All clients seem to choose to install 360 view cameras.

What type of toilets are available to me?

We have installed ceramic flush, macerating toilets, cassette toilets, composting toilets and have considered but not installed incinerating toilets.

Should I put solar on my van?

It is certainly an opinion and we install solar on many of our motorhomes. Most clients are now choosing to install a larger battery system and not solar.

Do I need a propane generator?

We have never been asked to install propane or an onboard generator but we certainly have the capability.


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