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What are the dimensions of the 144, 170, and 170 extended?

External Length of the Van

144 Sprinter Van ~19ft 5 ins

170 Standard Sprinter Van ~22ft 9ins

170 Extended Sprinter Van ~24ft 1ins

External Height of the Van

A little over 9 feet without an AC unit.

Less than 10 feet with an AC unit.

The AC is almost 8 inches

External Width of the Van

With the side mirrors in driving position, the van is 8ft 3ins wide.



What do I need for my at home ARV garage?

An ARV is typically under 10ft including an AC unit. You should have a minimum of 10ft and 6ins of clear height opening in the garage. Ideally, the garage could have an 11ft opening if you ever mounted items on the top of the van.

It is recommended to charge your van batteries. ARV connects with a 30 amp circuit (120 volts) to charge.

Another item that is helpful for some owners would be a sewage dump station.

The last helpful addition in one’s garage would be a fresh water access. This could simply be a water hose that could be hooked up to the van’s freshwater tank. It is handy to fill before a trip.

Can I supply a used Sprinter chassis for my upfit?

Yes, we have upfitted several used Sprinter for clients. However, nearly all of our clients choose to invest in a new chassis. The chassis is generally less than 20% of the total ARV motorhome price, so even if one saves 50% on chassis cost by building on a used unit, the savings would be less than 10% of the of the total motorhome investment.

Where do I take my Advanced-RV for service?

Advanced-RV is always available for service support, no matter what issues you may encounter. Offsite technicians call us for troubleshooting assistance. For warranty work, we’ll provide the service facility with a credit card number, so you can get the service done and be on your way. If you encounter a problem with the Mercedes-Benz chassis, motor, transmission, or electrical system, the Mercedes-Benz warranty will cover the repairs. You have access to Mercedes-Benz roadside assistance, or you can take your Advanced-RV to one of more than 200 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Freightliner service facilities across North America.

For problems with appliances, the manufacturer warranty applies. We generally use brand name appliances with broad North American service networks and robust warranties. Your service facility may work directly with the appliance manufacturer, or contact Advanced-RV for assistance.  (440) 283-0405

With six wheels, how will I know when one is flat?

The optional remote tire-pressure monitoring system will alert you when a tire is losing pressure.

How do I know my Advanced-RV will hold its value?

As a Mercedes-Benz Master Up-fitter, we benefit from building on a chassis that consistently wins the annual ALG (Automotive Leasing Guide) Residual Value Award for highest resale value in its class. Add our industry leading technology and reputation for quality, your Advanced-RV will continue to appeal to a large segment of motorist who are seeking pre-owned Sprinter motorhomes.

How can I test-drive an Advanced-RV?

You’re welcome to visit our facility in Willoughby, Ohio, where you can test-drive an Advanced- RV, meet our staff, and see how we build your motorhome. If you can’t come to us, let us know which Advanced-RV most interests you, and we’ll make every attempt to come to you. Contact us, and we’ll put you in our travel plans.  (440) 283-0405

I’m trying to decide between the Sprinter Class B and the wider-body Class B+. What factors should I consider?

While the Class B+ has more living space, the Class B is more maneuverable and gets more mileage. Our models drive more like luxury cars than trucks. The choice is a matter of personal preference.

I’m interested in going off the grid/dry camping/boondocking. What features should I be looking for in a motorhome?

If you plan to spend weeks boondocking off the grid, you’ll need different systems than what you’d need to, say, safely leave your pets in your motorhome for a few hours. Once you determine your needs, we can help you research and choose your options in terms of battery capacity, auxiliary power, etc. For a personal consultation, feel free to contact us.

We plan to travel with pets, and we want to leave them in our motorhome for short periods of time. How does Advanced-RV ensure that the cabin stays at a safe temperature while we’re away?

We outfit your Advanced-RV with adequately sized batteries and compatible converter charter/inverter systems to keep your motorhome at a safe temperature without running a generator. We install a sophisticated thermostat that will keep the cabin within a specified temperature range, with day, night, and away settings. When set properly, the battery-powered air-conditioning system can maintain a constant temperature for three hours or more.

Will we have to use sleeping bags inside our Advanced-RV?

The bed inside your Advanced-RV accommodates fitted sheets, so you can make up your bed with sheets and blankets just as you would at home.

How noisy is the Advanced-RV?

We line the walls, floors, ceilings and doors of every Advanced-RV with thermal and soundproofing insulation to provide the quietest ride of any Class B motorhome.

I’ve never driven in a large vehicle before. How hard is it to drive an Advanced-RV?

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 drives like a dream. The seating position is high and visibility is outstanding. Even in high winds, the ride is stable. The optional Mobileye system alerts you to potential roadway hazards, monitoring speed and blind spots, sensing cars around you, and automatically activating your bright headlights.

How will I be able to see when in reverse?

Advanced-RVs include excellent, two-part mirrors, with a large, flat mirror above a smaller, wide-angle mirror. With the rearview mirror, you can see through the rear door window on the passenger’s side and through about half of the rear door window on the driver’s side. When you place the motorhome in reverse, the backup camera system activates automatically. The camera’s strategic—and discreet—positioning provides a wide-angle view for optimum visibility when reversing.

I’m concerned about the safety of lithium iron batteries. What have you done to ensure the safety of the Advanced-RV battery system?

Advanced-RVs incorporate lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 batteries. There are nearly a dozen different types of lithium ion batteries, and the LiFePO4type is among the safest. In order to catch fire, the batteries we use would need to be simultaneously punctured and exposed to direct flame, and the batteries will not continue to burn unless exposed to flame. Each of our batteries relies on internal circuitry that protects the cells from over discharge or overcharging. The system includes a battery temperature monitor. We have extensively researched our battery options and concluded that LiFePO4batteries provide the highest level of safety and performance.

Please note, LiFePO4 batteries weigh slightly more than other lithium ion batteries with the same capacity.

How can I monitor the systems on my Advanced-RV?

The SilverLeaf coach management system provides you with one convenient screen on which to monitor AC power, DC power, water, and climate information. We also offer internet connection for remote monitoring.

How efficient are the solar panels? Is there room to add more?

Some Advanced-RVs include two, 95-watt, glass solar panels—the largest we can fit into our standard roof configuration. Due to the air-conditioning unit, MaxxAir roof fan, bathroom skylight, cellular and Wi-Fi antennas, tank vent, and awning (optional), there isn’t much extra space on the roof. We could potentially add additional solar panel capacity by reconfiguring the roof.

How much fuel does ESPAR consume?

1/5 gallon per hour on high idle.

Is there a propane option?

We can install a propane system on all Advanced-RV models. The propane system can power the generator and cooktop when electric power is unavailable. Most customers now choose our Independence option which provides batteries, inverter and advanced charger for off-the-grid convenience.

Do your coaches include a macerator for disposal of black water waste?

The macerator is a standard feature on our Ocean One model, optional on our Gulf Coast model.

How does the bathroom accommmodate showering?

With the bathroom door closed, there’s ample room to stand up while showering.

You seem awfully enamored with your cabinetry. What makes your cabinets so nice?

We build our cabinets in modular form using 3⁄4-inch and 1⁄2-inch high-pressure laminates with lacquered maple interiors. We use high-quality hinges and hardware, and the upper cabinet door stays adjust to hold the door in any position between closed and fully open against the ceiling. We assemble the cabinets using screws and staples, and mount them securely to the vehicle to prevent creaks and rattles. We mold the cabinets to fit the angles of the vehicle walls to maximize storage capacity, and (except for under sinks) we run wiring and plumbing behind the backs of the cabinets.

Is there storage space underneath the bed?

We designed the setup of our sofa bed to allow for a comfortable seating height with maximum storage underneath. Because the sofa bed attaches to rails fitted on the van’s side structure, we can change your bed configuration if your needs change.

Can you describe the awning option?

We recommend a Carefree motorized awning, but we can install manual awnings upon request.

Is there an option for remote start?

Remote start is an optional feature on all Advanced-RV models.

Will my Advanced-RV come with heated floors?

Heated floors are standard in our Ocean One model, optional in our Gulf Coast model. The floor heat operates on 120 volts and uses 120 watts at the highest setting (comparable to an electric blanket).

Can you put a convection oven in my Advanced-RV?

Yes! We want you to feel at home in your Advanced-RV, so we’ll work with you to add the functionality you need.

I’ll need a trailer to haul my canoes, kayaks, and bicycles. Any recommendations?

We recommend Slick Rydr, which builds custom bike, kayak, canoe, and gear trailers. We also recommend Bruce Transporter.

Can you install a television larger than 24 inches?

We can install a larger television, but it would require modifying the cabinet; otherwise the television would protrude into the aisle further than you might like. In our experience, the 24- inch, HD television provides an excellent viewing experience. The television pivots for viewing by the front passenger; the Apple TV and antenna give you plenty of viewing options.

We’ve also installed High-Definition projector screens at over 40″.

Can you describe the audio system?

We offer three audio packages, all of which utilize components by JL Audio and Pioneer Electronics. With 13 speakers (including a subwoofer) in six locations, the audio system provides a rich, dynamic listening experience.

Why would I want a separate subwoofer in my motorhome?

Whether you prefer hip-hop or classical music, the subwoofer ensures a full-bodied sound with accurate bass response. Subwoofers come standard on all Advanced-RV models.

Can I add a security system to my Advanced-RV motorhome?

Yes! In addition to the anti-theft key system that Mercedes builds into the Sprinter, we offer an affordable security/alarm system to protect your investment. When armed, the system will sound an alarm if the van doors are opened, if there is impact to the vehicle, or if the hood is opened. The vehicle starting system is also de-activated when the alarm is on (engine kill). And, a two-way feature gives protection status on a handheld remote.

Do I need a surge protector for my Advanced-RV?

The short answer: no. Every one of our motorhomes has a built-in Surge Guard RV Power Protector. This is a standard feature because dirty shore power (in the form of open neutrals, higher than safe voltage, or low voltage) can destroy motorhome appliances. Having it built into the motorhome means you don’t need to connect a portable surge protector when you plug into power pedestals at campgrounds. Your Advanced-RV power protector tests the campground power for voltage, miswired pedestals, reverse polarity and elevated ground voltage. The test takes two minutes and 16 seconds. Once the power protector logic has assured the power is safe, it allows electricity to flow.


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