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It’s been over three years since Advanced-RV investigated ways to make the Sprinter ride better. We looked at all the options, and discovered the Dutch company VB Air, which makes rear suspension specifically for the Sprinter. We became the first certified installer of VB Air Suspension in the United States, and the suspension has become an important aspect of our high-end custom motorhome builds. In fact, every one of our motorhome clients has opted to install this air suspension system because it increases ride smoothness an stability significantly. We can retrofit other motorhomes of various styles and body types, including Sprinters. Learn more in our video.

VB Air Suspenion

Learn more about VB Air Suspension on our website at


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  1. Delton Davis
    Delton Davis says:

    I am interested in a VB Air Suspension for a MB Sprinter 2016 3500 chassis. This is a RoadTrek CS Adventurous coach with 4 containers of lithium batteries under the chassis.

  2. David Ford
    David Ford says:

    I have a 2016 170 ext. at some point i’ll Want to do something to improve the ride in the back. I’m not ready to spend the money now but want to start planning. Can you send me information. Thanks.

    • Janice Spicuzza
      Janice Spicuzza says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. We need to know the weight of your vehicle so we can determine if we can get it on one of our lifts.


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