Advanced-RV motorhomes provide freedom and flexibility in an efficient and elegant package. They’re an ideal way to travel not only around North America but also overseas. Smaller than Class A or C motorhomes, the Class B Advanced-RV is cheaper to ship overseas, plus it provides greater freedom to explore off-the-grid areas.

Shipping your motorhome overseas will require logistical considerations, and several of our clients have asked for guidance as they plan trips to Europe. We’ve put together a resource guide to help as you explore your options.



Create a Plan
Where do you want to travel in Europe? For how long? How flexible are you around dates and destinations? Can you travel to another port in the United States to ship your motorhome? By answering all of these questions up front, you’ll better be able to communicate with shipping companies and also look up driving and customs laws for each of the countries you plan to visit.

Shipping Considerations
There are numerous shipping companies that can be found online. Advice from a Class B RV traveler’s blog The Road Goes Ever On reads, “Email all the parties yourself. Get the email of the receiving shipping office and find out what will be needed by customs before you arrange shipping.” This traveler shipped their Class B from Georgia to Germany. Also noted is to expect additional costs like marine insurance and charges to enter ports.

Another blog we found, RV Camping Europe, shares several shipping companies to look at when getting quotes. We got a very basic quote from one of these companies to ship an Advanced-RV from New York to France that came in around $6,000. However, there are a variety of factors that go into the quote, so be sure to get quotes from multiple companies to determine the best option for your situation.


In our research, most shipping companies use the “Roll On Roll Off” method, or RoRo, for tall vehicles like ours at 9’10” that won’t fit in a container. RoRo requires unpacking items like clothes, gear, kitchen supplies, etc. The amount and weight of your belongings will determine whether you decide to carry on or check the items on your transatlantic flight or ship them to your destination—or even buy new items at your destination.

Driving in Europe
Obtaining an international driver’s license is good peace of mind as you travel through multiple countries, and places like AAA offer them through an online application for $15. Laws around Europe are often limited by weight of the vehicle. Advanced-RVs can weigh up to 11,000 lbs. but driving a vehicle in England over 3.5 tons (about 7,000 lbs.), requires a special license. Ensure your domestic driver’s license stipulates a weight. Class R in the United States allows operation of any motor vehicle of less than 26,001 lbs.

Looking for more information? Another resource specific to shipping and logistics can be found on Amazon.

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