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“According to legend, the cabin and the shack are ideal launchpads for remarkable lives, but lately they’ve become homes to aspire to,” writes Walter Kirn in a recent New York Times article that explores the “Tiny House” movement.

This trend of living small started in the 1990s and has ballooned, with books, blogs, TV shows and movies describing not only how to construct these small spaces but also why.

The reasons for living tiny are different for everyone—and for some, living small and independent in an RV means they can marry the simple, sustainable lifestyle of a tiny house with mobility, flexibility and freedom.

Kirn’s article references the birth of the Airstream in the 1930s as a precursor to the tiny house movement: “Its signature product, a streamlined RV, was a miracle of miniaturization promising freedom and self-reliance. ‘I’m here today and gone tomorrow/ I drive away from care and sorrow,’ reads a vintage postcard from the era.”

With many larger RV options on the road 85 years later, Class B RVs offer the most freedom of any type of motor home. Class A RVs can be up to 45 feet long and usually require towing a car, and Class Cs are shorter than Class As but wider and longer than normal cars. On the other hand, Class Bs are built within a delivery van chassis and are no wider than a full-size pickup, making them easy to drive and even to fit in parallel parking spots.

Advanced RVs meld this ease with a well-designed, elegant and functional space. According to our founder Mike Neundorfer, “Traveling with only the absolutely necessary, multipurpose equipment for comfort and flexibility provides a sense of satisfaction, independence and freedom.”

And from the tiny house perspective, Kirn agrees: “Driven mad by status anxiety? Addled by technology? Bankrupted by consumerism? Then shrink your footprint. Go minimalist. Get free.” Like living in a tiny house, Advanced RV living provides the satisfaction of living in the moment with only the essentials and thriving in a living space that is both efficient and eye-catching.

With that lifestyle also comes a sense of community, as like-minded people come together to share tips, stories, photos and friendship—something you’ll find as you peruse the forums, blogs and social media channels that surround both tiny homes and the Advanced RV world.

Referencing Airstream’s founder Wally Byam, Kirn writes, “He organized caravans of the vehicles with the intention … of fostering understanding and togetherness and building, what we now call ‘community.’ Humble spaces, smiling faces — that was the general notion. And it endures.”

The efficient, flexible and freeing nature of Advanced RVs brings about this same sense of community, as these traveling tiny houses bring to reality a common modern dream of downsizing and independence.

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