What does a road trip in an Advanced RV have in common with a backpacking adventure? For one, freedom. When you’re hiking, you ultimately pick wherever you’d like to go. When you’re on the road, you’re also free to travel where you please with ease and independence … and a few more luxuries.

Unlike other Class A or C motorhomes, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Class B motorhome with suspension improvements by Advanced RV is small—it’s even able to fit in parallel parking spaces. It’s also easy to drive, maneuvering similarly to an SUV. No car towing is necessary, and the motorhome is laid out in a simple, elegant way that lends itself to careful planning and packing.

Which leads to another similarity between a backpacking trip and an Advanced RV excursion. The freedom to be on the move at a moment’s notice requires careful planning and packing for both. We want to share a few pre-trip planning tips we picked up from a Backpacker magazine article, “First Night Out: Packing and Planning,” which also apply to planning a trip in an Advanced RV.

1. Gear Up: Advanced RV travel doesn’t require superlight or minimalist gear like you would use for a backpacking trip, but just like loading a backpack for a week in the wilderness, efficiency is key. You won’t be able to bring your entire wardrobe or full kitchen in an Advanced RV, so look for gear that multitasks, as you might while preparing for a backpacking trip. Bring what you’ll use, and enjoy the efficiency you’ve created in your space. You might even find that some backpacking gear comes in handy!

2. Choose a Destination: It’s true—you can go anywhere in an Advanced RV, which makes it unnecessary to plan your trip in as much detail as you might while backpacking. However, it’s still helpful to have some concept of where you’d like to go. Do some research before you hit the road, jot down names and locations of places that look interesting, and bring a map (or make sure you’ll have access to a cellular network) so you can adjust your plan on the fly.

3. Plan Your Menu: While you won’t be carrying your food while hiking a remote trail, it’s still important to create a meal plan and stock your kitchen with the essentials. We like Backpacker’s advice of “quick, hearty, simple.” In addition to any meals you have planned, bring some extra food so that you can truly enjoy the freedom of Advanced RV travel. When you end up in a remote, beautiful campsite far away from any restaurant or grocery store, you’ll be glad you have those extra options—you might even stay an extra day!

Planning your next Advanced RV trip with a backpacking mindset can help you maximize your experience and find satisfaction with having just what is needed, and nothing else. This approach to travel provides the ultimate freedom on the road. We know you’ll enjoy it!

Have you picked up any planning or packing tips from another activity? Share your tip in the comments below.

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