Plans can change for anyone, as they changed for one of our clients who scheduled a series of builds through the year. This client delayed their builds, and as a result, Advanced RV is helping to sell their chassis.

These 12 brand new Mercedes Sprinter chassis are available for purchase below MSRP. Plus, ARV is offering $1,000 in upfit credit to anyone who purchases. For a look at the vans and their specifications, you can watch this video on our YouTube channel.

Mercedes Sprinter Chassis available for sale and upfit

In the cold Cleveland winter, these Sprinters are inside, warm and relaxed.

In case you’re boondocking in an Advanced RV and can’t watch the video, here are some details:

  • Nine of the vans are 2017 3500 Super Singles, and the remaining three are 2018 2500s. All are 170″ wheelbase, extended-length chassis.
  • The vans are brand new, have been stored inside, and have next to zero miles.
  • Each chassis has the full Mercedes-Benz warranty.
  • They are priced between $45,000 and $49,000, which is around $4,000 less than MSRP and around $7,000 less than a similarly equipped 2019 model. Financing options are available.

Advanced RV is also offering $1,000 in upfit credit to any chassis purchase. It can be applied to anything we do. Popular upfits to consider are VB Air Suspension, our Quiet AC Unit, E&P Leveling, or a battery system installation.

Mercedes Sprinter cargo van interior

You could put anything in here!

To all the Do-It-Yourselfers reading, does this get your ideas rolling? What could you do with a blank slate? With the discounted price and upfit credit, a solid work van, a sleek mobile office, and an Advanced RV are all possibilities.

If you’re interested in learning more about these chassis, we’d be eager to discuss all the options. You can talk to our team by calling 440-283-0405.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Super Single

It’s early 2019, which means the newest iteration of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is beginning to leave assembly lines and enter roadways across the world.

This is a thrilling moment for Mercedes-certified Master Upfitter Advanced RV. We have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the 2019 chassis since we first learned of the model’s planned renovations some time ago. The excitement only grew when we became acquainted with the vehicle at Mercedes’ Germany and US plants in 2018.

2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter South Carolina

Mike inspects a 2019 Sprinter at a Mercedes event in South Carolina.

In the past year, Advanced RV President Mike Neundorfer spent time meeting with various members of Mercedes’ corporate team in Dusseldorf, Charleston, and most recently at the RV Supershow in Tampa. Aware of the growing pains associated with opening a new plant, Mike prioritized securing an early allotment of the long-awaited vehicle. As a result, Mercedes has allocated three chassis from the Dusseldorf production line to ARV, to be delivered in March. These chassis are part of our more than a year’s worth of planned orders; made available by Mercedes’ emphasis on building Standard-Length models first.

The German automaker is sending three fully-loaded, 2-Wheel Drive, Standard-Length 2019 Sprinters to our Willoughby facility. Of the three, one has already been claimed and will enter production immediately. Our pre-cab team will strip the chassis down and begin the delicate insulation, flooring, and wiring processes.

Advanced RV Motorhome Uptfit Mercedes Sprinter

Production begins with our Pre-Cab team and an empty chassis.

The other two chassis have not yet been claimed, and are available for immediate configuration. A $35,000 fully refundable deposit will reserve one of these Standard-Length, 170-inch wheelbase 2019 models. We are happy to discuss the possibilities over a phone call. Our team can answer any questions you might have about making a deposit, configuring a van, and how you can collaborate with Advanced RV to craft your dream motorhome.

For more information visit our available vehicles here, or call Advanced RV at 440-283-0405

Featured picture credit: Mercedes Benz