It’s early 2019, which means the newest iteration of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is beginning to leave assembly lines and enter roadways across the world.

This is a thrilling moment for Mercedes-certified Master Upfitter Advanced RV. We have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the 2019 chassis since we first learned of the model’s planned renovations some time ago. The excitement only grew when we became acquainted with the vehicle at Mercedes’ Germany and US plants in 2018.

2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter South Carolina

Mike inspects a 2019 Sprinter at a Mercedes event in South Carolina.

In the past year, Advanced RV President Mike Neundorfer spent time meeting with various members of Mercedes’ corporate team in Dusseldorf, Charleston, and most recently at the RV Supershow in Tampa. Aware of the growing pains associated with opening a new plant, Mike prioritized securing an early allotment of the long-awaited vehicle. As a result, Mercedes has allocated three chassis from the Dusseldorf production line to ARV, to be delivered in March. These chassis are part of our more than a year’s worth of planned orders; made available by Mercedes’ emphasis on building Standard-Length models first.

The German automaker is sending three fully-loaded, 2-Wheel Drive, Standard-Length 2019 Sprinters to our Willoughby facility. Of the three, one has already been claimed and will enter production immediately. Our pre-cab team will strip the chassis down and begin the delicate insulation, flooring, and wiring processes.

Advanced RV Motorhome Uptfit Mercedes Sprinter

Production begins with our Pre-Cab team and an empty chassis.

The other two chassis have not yet been claimed, and are available for immediate configuration. A $35,000 fully refundable deposit will reserve one of these Standard-Length, 170-inch wheelbase 2019 models. We are happy to discuss the possibilities over a phone call. Our team can answer any questions you might have about making a deposit, configuring a van, and how you can collaborate with Advanced RV to craft your dream motorhome.

For more information visit our available vehicles here, or call Advanced RV at 440-283-0405

Featured picture credit: Mercedes Benz

weekend wedding

Steve and I took a short trip to attend our college friend’s weekend wedding at Meredith Manor in Pottstown, PA. The last trip you may have read about was when Steve and I traveled through NY & PA in Giddy Up for our honeymoon last year. This time, we drove Cruzemobile for a short weekend trip and tried out features that we hadn’t experienced before such as the E&P leveling system which we came to appreciate.

We left Friday after work and began driving as many miles as we felt safe before we were too tired. I deployed the levelers for the first time at a truck stop where we parked off of the turnpike, and we went right to sleep. We were both exhausted and decided to fill up the diesel tank in the morning. We really noticed the difference the levelers made after parking in a Walmart the following night. Steve got out to watch the operation of the plate and jacks deploy as we were more awake than the previous evening. First, Steve was impressed by how much throw they were capable of, and I was surprised by how uneven the ground actually was where we parked as I witnessed the rear tires lift off of the ground. I have always been able to sleep anywhere, on any incline or surface, but we both woke up the next day realizing we weren’t achy or shifted into a corner from being tilted on uneven ground. If we had another night in the van, I may have manually operated the levelers and lifted only the rear slightly to see how comfortable a gentle incline would be for the head of the bed to be raised some. The system operated as intended and was simple to engage and retract.

Let’s take a step back as I jumped right into what impressed and surprised us on this trip with Cruzemobile. The discussion of how we were going to get to this wedding and where we would stay began months ago. Steve knows I am anxious about flying in airplanes, but we talked about if we should fly and take our vacation in Philadelphia after the wedding this year. Shortly after our initial discussion, we found out we are expecting our first child, and I definitely knew I didn’t want to fly. That left us with driving our vehicle and booking a hotel for the weekend or driving an ARV to PA and back. We decided not to take time off for a vacation this summer as we would be missing several weeks already when our baby is born later this year. I checked with Viki on the rental schedule and Cruzemobile was available for the weekend. Steve and I decided it would be nice for me to have a bathroom “on the road,” and since an ARV was available, we firmed up our travel plans. What a great decision driving an ARV turned out to be because the wedding we attended began at 10A and the whole celebration including reception was over by 3P! If we would have booked a hotel we would have been set to stay in town there that night of the wedding, but we were free to leave because we had the van. If we would have driven our vehicle, we would have had to make the decision to leave and take the loss on a hotel reservation to be able to have a slower paced and more comfortable drive home (which would also have required the need to buy another hotel stay somewhere on our route back for however far we were able to drive) or stay at the hotel near the wedding and make the whole drive home in one day on Sunday. Instead, we were able to drive at a more leisurely pace home, making two stops that we would have otherwise missed out on.

After the long drive Friday night after work, we woke up, ate breakfast, filled the tank and drove to the ceremony early Saturday morning. We had about 20 minutes before the start of the wedding once we arrived at Meredith Manor, and we changed out of our t-shirts and jeans in the parking lot. Within 10 minutes we were weekend wedding ready—I had quickly straightened my hair, dolled up with some jewelry and changed into a formal dress and heels while Steve groomed himself, suited up and put on his dress shoes. We walked to the outdoor ceremony seating and breathed in the fresh air of a beautiful day. Both of us were glad we made it in time and knew we could finally relax and enjoy this special time with our friends and their family as we made it safely to our destination. Cocktail hour followed along with the reception immediately after that which included the traditional first dance, speeches, pie cutting (instead of cake) and dancing. The whole wedding was over by 3P and as Steve and I walked back to the van, we were unsure of what to make of this early exit. We changed back to our comfortable travelling clothes and decided we would stop at Hershey, PA and see their chocolate factory which neither of us have visited before—amazed that we had time to slowly make our way home and make stops on the way.

We Googled churches in Hershey and attended mass before we stopped at Hershey Chocolate World. From there, we drove a few more hours towards home and stopped in a Walmart parking lot for the night. Sunday morning, we ate breakfast and drove to visit my grandparents in PA. None of these stops would have made the agenda if the wedding didn’t let out so early. Steve and I were grateful we drove an ARV which allowed us to save money on hotels, share new experiences because we could quickly change the itinerary and take the drive home slowly in spurts. After we hustled down to Pottstown and arrived at the wedding, the rest of our time was more relaxing than we could have anticipated.

Class B RV

RV and bus parking were near the entrance to Hershey Chocolate World!

We thought we were going to have to pass on a trip this year, and although not the Liberty bell or the historical trip we initially conceptualized, we felt like we did get to enjoy a vacation weekend thanks to the flexibility and freedom Cruzemobile allowed. What a great first trip with our baby!

Advanced RV

If you are interested in Cruzmobile or another ARV, contact us at 440-283-0405.

Wishing all of you safe travels and health in all of your adventures.

Steve and Brittany

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lake erie

A 9-day road trip in the Advanced-RV Giddy Up takes Andrew and Katharine from Advanced-RV headquarters near Cleveland, OH, along the shore of Lake Erie, and into Canada. Follow along in the final edition of our 7-part series, as the couple stops at Woodbury Vineyards on the way back to Advanced-RV’s headquarters.

Saturday started with a lovely morning on the cranberry bog. Today’s quests while en route back to the USA was to find a place to dump our recycling and get more fresh water onboard. Our fresh water meter was looking suspicious around 35 – 40%, and we wanted to have enough to take a shower.

Cabela’s stores often feature RV dump outs as well as fresh water, but the Cabela’s in Barrie did not offer fresh water. We headed south toward Toronto and popped off at an “On Route” pull out (highway stop) and successfully unloaded our recycling. We continued onto the QEW toward Niagara and the USA. The QEW ends at the border crossing over the two-lane Peace Bridge. It is an old, small, narrow bridge that takes you right into Buffalo. We successfully navigated customs and took NY-5 down the coast of Lake Erie.

We had one more “Hail-Mary” plan to find water—Evangola New York State Park. Before we stopped at Evangola, Giddy Up needed a big fill up on diesel—slightly over 17 gallons—that included fuel not only from the drive down from Lake Muskoka (230-ish miles) but also a full night’s worth of heat during a 36-degrees night plus heating some hot water. Most parks, like commercial campsites, are closed until May 1, but Evangola appeared to be open. It’s a large, lovely state park surrounded by forest with a big beach house and beach right on Lake Erie. We drove to the RV camping site area, and as you can guess, it was closed. We decided that we would get to Woodbury Vineyards—17 miles or so down the lake—and beg our hosts if they could spare us some water, or we could purchase some from them.

Maria greeted us in the wine shop, and she was as lively in person as she was on the phone. Phil, the winemaker, also came out of the back to greet us. As we started to talk about parking options, I took the moment to ask for water. Phil immediately offered up water and a water hose from his wine-making area—the cost was a tour of Giddy Up, with which he was fascinated. We bought a bottle of wine for dinner and one for Viki at Advanced-RV. We took a jaunt into the vineyards and found ourselves crossing into an overgrown area of vines and fruit trees, scaring away a few (big!) bunnies in the process. The fruit trees looked particularly old and overgrown but were also impressive and venerable.

Maria indicated that they had “taken on” the vineyard seven years ago to help save it and bring it back. This small section of old, untamed growth in the midst of the cultivated section seemed to tell part of that tale. We watched a lovely sunset from Giddy Up and made dinner as part of operation “clean up the rest of what we have” in the van.

lake erie

Sunday morning began with an intense, beautiful sunrise over a frosty vineyard. It got down into the low 30s overnight, but Giddy Up’s furnace kept us nice and warm. After coffee, we packed up our clothes and things, including a couple of bottles of wine. We bade farewell to our new friend, Maria, at Woodbury Vineyards and headed back to Cleveland.


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class b rv

An abundance of warm weather has made for a great year of travel. Nonetheless, it is time to begin preparing your RV for the harmful freezing temperatures that loom ahead. In this article we’ll discuss why winterizing your motorhome is important. Plus, we’ll provide you with a downloadable checklist that details how you can ensure your vehicle successfully survives the cold.

Advanced RV Eowyn custom motorhome winter snow

“Eowyn” strikes a pose in the snow.

Winterizing an RV prevents the damage that occurs when temperatures dip below freezing. These low temperatures cause liquids to freeze and expand with enough force to rupture crucial systems within your RV. Indoor faucets, toilet valves, water pumps, and the macerator are all areas of concern. Advanced RV’s recent interior plumbing developments help to mitigate the problem, but extended storage leaves every motorhome susceptible to freeze damage.

“This type of damage is hard to reverse,” says Frank Kolasinski, a service specialist at Advanced RV, “Once it’s done, it’s done. You’ll have to spend a considerable amount of money to get you back where you were yesterday.”

class b rv luxury custom motorhome liberty advanced rv

“Liberty” enjoys the winter scenery.

We’ve created an RV winterization checklist to help account for each step of the process. The checklist includes instructions for winterizing your water pumps, sewage systems, batteries, and tires. We suggest you print the list out or bookmark this page to return to later. “If in doubt, I would always err on the side of caution,” Frank adds, “We’ve worked hard to make the process as easy as possible. We’ve placed winterization valves in convenient locations, and reversing the procedure is as simple as running water through the system.”

Advanced RV custom motorhome ice storm

“Escape” couldn’t escape an ice storm, but the motorhome continued to run smoothly in the cold.

Some RV owners circumvent the winterization process by storing their motorhomes in tropical climates or in heated garages. Many Advanced RV partners store their motorhomes at our Cleveland facility. Here, their RVs are kept in a temperature-controlled building and can undergo maintenance or be fitted with upgrades. “People like this option because it’s hassle free,” says Frank, “As an added bonus, their RV returns in the spring with some features it didn’t have beforehand.” Typically, people who select this option want to avoid making winterization precautions and foresee upgrading, for example, to a quiet air conditioning unit. That way, when warm temperatures return, their motorhome can hit the road without missing a step.

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