You could say that we’re hooked on traveling by motorhome. We’ve traveled extensively through the USA, Canada, and Mexico, logging a little over a million miles in 50 years. Throughout our travels we have discovered our exceptional continent and the interesting peoples that inhabit it.

We purchased our first motorhome in the mid 1960s, and since that time we’ve owned seven, including (in order) our first 23’ gasoline-powered Class A, a 33’ gasoline-powered Class A, a 34’ diesel pusher, a 40’ MCI custom conversion coach, a 45’ MCI custom conversion coach, and a factory Sprinter conversion. We’ve towed trailers, cars, trucks with motorcycles, boats, and even an enclosed trailer with a hot rod. Our current coach is a custom Sprinter conversion by Advanced-RV, and we currently tow nothing.

downsizing to a class b rv

Carol and Dave’s previous coach: a 45’ MCI Renaissance by Ramblin’ Fever, towing a 24’ car trailer to hold their 1935 Dodge Brothers Hot Rod.

We’ve been fortunate to upgrade and upsize as our lives and family changed. Our first 23’ motorhome was used to take our kids and friends snow skiing, waterskiing, and exploring. We could sleep eight in what (we thought) was relative comfort. As our family changed, so did our tastes in motorhomes: our 45’ conversion coach really slept two (though we could have overnight guests on the sofas).

Our first Sprinter was purchased on a whim, and we truly enjoyed the freedom it offered. Our current Sprinter has many of the features found in our conversion coach, and its custom design fits us. We enjoy the high-quality workmanship, comfort, ease of driving, parking, and no towing. Its large Lithium Ion battery pack with engine-driven generator and inverter allows us a complete electric coach that operates independently. We get 17.4 mpg for 26,000+ miles. Most of all, we like the freedom to go almost anywhere and everywhere without looking for places to stop and hook up. We can park where a large pickup truck can. And because this is a custom coach, the tankage is sufficient for us to manage two weeks without filling and emptying.

Custom Sprinter RV

Carol & Dave’s current coach, a 24’ custom Sprinter conversion by Advanced-RV. This was shot at the beach of Pacific City, Ore., where they launch & retrieve Dory Boats.

Our small coach is ready to go at a moment’s notice, and we’ve spent seven months aboard touring many of the backroads in our country. In fact, we seem to purposely avoid freeways and tour the backcountry with no agenda. Old-fashioned paper maps help us find the out-of-the-way places.

custom rv

Carol & Dave in front of their Advanced-RV “Super Stealth”

Our Advanced-RV is smaller than our past motorhomes, but it didn’t take long to get used to and appreciate. Life is good.

View more photos of BB2 on our Gallery here:

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  1. David Olson
    David Olson says:

    I’d be interested in learning more about how you manage two weeks on one tank. On our Airstream Sprinter, which has typical-to-generous tankage for a Sprinter, water runs out after 3 days.

  2. Danny Kennedy
    Danny Kennedy says:

    Love the article I agree that touring the country in the sprinter Mercedes coach is wonderful. I currently have a Airstream interstate for the last five years And looking forward to updating to advanced RV.


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