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Meet Jiri, CEO and founder of a software company called Racom. Jiri had a conference to attend in Las Vegas, so he and his wife decided that this was their opportunity to road trip across the United States,  a vacation they have dreamed about for years. After much research and consideration, Jiri,  from the Czech Republic, chose Advanced RV for his cross-country tour of the U.S. Read on to learn more about Jiri and his travels, in his own words:

Sep 27:

From Moab we did UT 191, 24, 12 and 21, then Nevada 487 and now we are crossing the Great basin deserts by 50.

no propane

The Utah 12 is a marvel. We travelled many beautiful scenic roads before, yet this one is outstanding. Within 200 miles there’s everything – alpine forests and high elevated overlooks, narrow ridges, deep canyons, red rock monuments, interesting little towns (well, only two villages along the way) and wealth of opportunities for hiking and exploring.

Before that we discovered a unique state park close to UT24 – the Goblin valley (thanks to the book again). I’ll send a picture when we are somewhere parked and having good signal. The Goblin valley is an unbelievable sight, both awesome and amusing at the same time. Getting lost in the maze formed by troops of nature-sculpted funny creatures is outworldly experience.

Then at the Great Basin NP we climbed the Wheeler peak summit (13200ft) under perfect weather and the overlook there is unbeatable. I bet I could see Sierra Nevada in the distance.

Today we plan to see the ghost mining town of Berlin and about end of this weak we plan to reach SF. There will be hopefully signal and place to send some photos.


Oct 01:

Grace became an integral part of our life, we will part with her very very hard at the end….

We’ve been to Yosemites in the end, spending two days in 10000ft altitude away from crowds. The valley is a gem, but so over-crowded and over-organized that we fled very quickly back to the mountain tops (after seeing and talking to some climbers on El Capitan of course).

Luxury travel

Oct 06:

Please excuse our sluggishness….it is AT&T to blame. We’ve overnight in 100+USD coastal RV park close to San Francisco (could not find a better place there :-() and no signal, local wifi completely unusable. Next we slept in the middle of Silicon valley – no signal again…. We have to stop specially when passing a town to do the mails.

As you sure have guessed, we happily reached the Pacific coast (there’s a photo of Grace which I want to call “The end of the road”) and had a wonderful day in San Francisco downtown. We came back to parking lot close to midnight :-). It’s not only the sights, I’ve had a very good feeling from the life I could see in the streets and in the parks. They were mostly locals there, not just tourists, enjoying themselves. Also twice we happened to meet someone living in SF at different occasions and the message was “SF is great; it is expensive to live there, but it’s worth the money”.

We are back in the wild again, slowly heading towards Las Vegas. We’ve been to small and cute Pinnacles NP and had a beautiful hike there and now we are in Sequoia NP. That is a kind of place one has to be physically present to, no photo or video can ever substitute the feeling of simple awe when confronted with these trees. A 2000 years old living organism having a mass of middle sized railway train makes a man truly insignificant. Yet man is the only creature which learned how to harm these trees and now has to protect them against self. The wood is so resistant that even a fallen tree virtually doesn’t rot. Unbelievable.

Class b rv

Time’s running fast… while in Las Vegas I shall arrange where to return Grace. It’s gonna be a hard good-bye for us… People continue to be interested in her, we had like 10-15 interviews so far, one couple seemed to be seriously considering buying an RV like her (sure we’ve supplied them with the card).

BTW I didn’t write much on our passing Nevada deserts by state and local roads, but it sure was one of highlights of our trip and Grace proved to be perfectly suited for that.. I hope to show more pictures and comments later.

Oct 11:

The bathroom in our suite in Las Vegas is really big, certainly something we enjoy. Well, it’s about the only thing we enjoy here. We miss the desert around us and I’m not too happy to leave Grace at an open parking lot for three nights. Sorry I forgot, there is working wifi connection in the hotel so I’m finally able to send mails.

From Sequoia we went to Death Valley NP. All the leaflets say something like “the name is misleading, it’s not only desolate lands there, look for hidden life everywhere…” and so on. What we’ve seen from the car window was a truly desolate lands on and on. Sometimes one feels like being on the surface of Mars. We’ve visited the famous sights and left the same day, the place was too depressing to our taste. Interesting, sometimes awesome, and lifeless. If there’s life, it’s hidden far too well.

We ended up in Shoshone RV park for the night and much enjoyed the trees there and mainly the thermal swimming pool. Then we moved to the Red Rock Canyon NP, where we spent two nights in a primitive desert campground close to the park entrance.

Red Rocks are red, white, yellow, striped… a pop star would envy the permanent interest of hundreds of photographers they receive every day from sunrise to sunset. The funny and great feature of the maze of rocks and narrow canyons is that fifteen minutes after we left Grace parked at the crowded pull-out we could enjoy our own private encounter with the rock. Typically one could only see the crowds from the top of a climbing route again. These were perfect three days we have had there.

custom rv

Oct 17:

We are safely sitting in the Doheny Beach campground, packing and cleaning, getting ready to handover Grace tomorrow. I plan to conclude my trip report when home, plus sort out the photos and select the best ones. Knowing how it will probably go when back at work, I better say what needs to be said right now.

The last leg of our trip (Las Vegas to LA) was very interesting again, we passed the Hoover dam, where in Boulder I have almost secured an order for an RV from Advanced (wait until you hear from a lady making old-timer clothing, whose father lives in Boulder Nevada :-))

Then we spent a day in the Joshua tree NP and since campgrounds were all full, we went to Sand to Snow NP, where in addition to a perfect hike we’ve seen a mock western gunfight in Pioneertown (which is a sight by itself). Then we stopped at the March Field Air Force Base Museum to see many famous USAF planes and took many many photos – my son is an airline pilot by profession and wanted to be an army pilot originally, he will certainly like it.

We’ve been having very very happy times with Grace and I really can’t imagine a better suited vehicle for our trip. One evening we were having a fancy discussion with Zdenka what kind of holiday we possibly could imagine if we weren’t limited by time, duties, money …. we concluded we are living such holiday right in the moment and wouldn’t swap Grace for any 7-star hotel or cruise ship.

luxury rv

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  1. John Golden
    John Golden says:

    Reading about your visit to Sequoia NP brought back memories of Prarie Creek NP near Trinidad, CA. It is one of our favorite NP’s in California. We even adopted a stump where we decided when that time comes we want to be sprinkled there. The stump was over 25ft. in diameter and we actually set up our chairs on top of it and enjoyed the quietness of where we were at. Yes, we also felt so small when compared to these beautiful trees.

    Your trip has been so enjoyable to us and we felt we were right there with you enjoying all that you were feeling. Hope fate brings you back on another adventure we can’t wait to enjoy with you.


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