Myst Too is designed with a rustic, organic feel. As soon as you start looking at its embracing details, you’ll feel the play of textures and patterns come to life. Many fine nuances surface to awareness the longer you look around. Observe this interior with a keen eye to reveal a growth of new thoughts and design.

“On our first major tour this year, we wrote on our blog: “We will hunt some more redwoods on the way to see some sequoias with stuff in between.  Vague, that is our itinerary goal.”

Sitting here, windows open boon-docking, listening to Cusco, Gordon Lightfoot, and Clannad with subwoofer and great speakers, oh my what more can a person want. Oh yes, heat. Warmth in the morning in a forest of redwoods far from home….

We love the floating table, the outside integrated key pad, the drapes behind the front seats, the rear awning. These are the simpler things that add to the high tech complete ARV package.

To top off this amazing vehicle is the ongoing REAL TIME support without which we are not sure we would roam so far off the beaten path.”

–Owners of Myst Too