MooVan shouts, “Come to the beach party!” Sea inspired dreams come in full waves of oceanic color. Buckle up guys and gals, and get ready to sail in this groovy ride. MooVan’s sandy floor, blue waves of movement, and sunrise colors will refresh your stagnant travel senses and take you right to the beach – even if you are camping in your very own backyard.

“We found that everyone, and we mean everyone, at ARV—from the owner, to the design team, to those who implemented the design—was very friendly and eager to implement our dreams and produce our very personalized RV.

It’s hard to pick out just one of the individualized features that we love about MooVan. Among our very favorites are the:

  • Recessed shelves in our full length wardrobe, which allow us to hang the fire extinguisher and cleaning equipment on either side and still have hanging space on hooks on the inside of the door for our raincoats and a jacket or two
  • Removable window curtains, which are totally light proof—no leakage around the edges—have straps so you can roll or drape them up, give an unrestricted view when removed, and whose hooks serve as great anchors for thin rope to string up for personal or beach towel laundry drying
  • Outside “cownter” with pass-through, which allows us to use the induction cook-top—or any other heat producing appliance—outside in hot weather or when picnicking and to serve food without having to go in and out of the coach all the time
  • Lagun table, which stows easily under the couch and is maneuverable so it can be used as a counter extension or a table that one can easily move aside without upsetting the food on it
  • 360 camera, which removes the guesswork from close quarter maneuvering and backing up.

One other aspect of our ARV experience that we must mention is that whenever we have had a question, a problem, or needed service, ARV has been amazingly accommodating and quick to give help where and whenever needed. That is invaluable!”

–Owners of MooVan