Navy Blues and browns command power, complementing the functional systems of their Advanced RV. Enter this unit and feel settled as you meet a space sending vibes of confidence through tradition. Recreational vehicle van, class b rv, rv van, conversion van rv, Sprinter rv, custom rv, luxury rv, 4X4 camper.

“ Our experience creating Huginn with the team at Advanced RV was both fast paced and a ton of fun. We had been looking for a class B RV to take us well off the grid, and of course, nobody out there had the perfect vehicle. Then we found ARV, and learned that we could create the RV we needed, rather than compromising. The entire ARV team spent all the time necessary to go over each system in the coach, ensuring that it would do what we needed. Every oddball idea we came up with was explored by the craftsmen and women at ARV, and if they could make it work, it was included. The result was an RV that we feel safe, secure and comfortable in, even when we travel well off the highway. Our last adventure found us about an hour from the nearest paved road, not another RV in sight. Just us and Huginn, and all the comforts of home. ”

–Owners of Huginn