American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and Oscar-winning film producer Steven Wright is attributed credit for the quote “plan to be spontaneous tomorrow.” I can’t help but be reminded of those words when I read fellow ARV team member Nick’s story about his recent impromptu road trip to Arkansas in Cruzmobile. I love this story because, while it’s simple, short & sweet, there is great insight and wisdom woven throughout. I think you will enjoy it too.

It was 9 pm on a Wednesday when I got a call from Brinton, asking if I had plans for the next two days. Confused, I told him that I was free. “Great!” he responded, “You’re going to Arkansas tomorrow!” My confusion quickly turned to excitement as I was given the opportunity to drive Cruzmobile, one of our available RVs, to Arkansas and deliver it to a client. The next morning, I packed a change of clothes and got ready for my 900 mile drive.

I arrived at work Thursday morning and received a quick training session before setting off on my mission. Previously, I had only driven the vans around the shop, never actually taking one on the road. Needless to say, the thought of driving a 5 ton land-yacht for 14 hours had me worried! But, after a few minutes of hanging onto the steering wheel for dear life, I soon realized just how easy the van was to drive. It felt more like an SUV than a 23-foot RV!

As I got more comfortable, I began to really enjoy the trip! I spent my time listening to music and podcasts, and had some great phone conversations with friends. On Thursday evening, after covering 445 miles, I decided to call it a night in Effingham, Illinois. I pulled into a WalMart parking lot and turned up the AC while I ran inside for a late-night snack. By the time I returned to the van, I was shocked by how cold it had become in such a short amount of time! Between the cool air and the comfortable bed, I slept great!

I stopped to refuel three times over the course of the trip and got to meet some great people at each stop. In southern Ohio, I met a truck driver who had a lot of questions about the RV, and I was able to show him a few of the features. In southern Missouri, I ran into some elderly women who were refueling their church van. We struck up a conversation, and they were amazed to hear how much distance I had covered in so little time.

After what felt like no time at all, I arrived at the client’s home in Arkansas who wanted to take a trip over Memorial Day weekend with their 2 children and delivered Cruzmobile. I flew from Arkansas to Chicago, then finally from Chicago to Cleveland. On my last flight, I met a man named Reuben who was flying from Shenzhen, China to Cleveland so that he could see the Cavaliers play the Celtics in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals. He told me that he was a huge Cavs fan, but due to internet restrictions, had a hard time following the team, and wasn’t able to buy tickets to the game. I felt bad telling him that the game was sold out, especially after he travelled over 8,000 miles to see his favorite team play. Reuben was heartbroken by the news, and I felt like I had to do something to help him out. As soon as the plane touched down, I bought a resale ticket on my phone and transferred it to his. Excitedly, he payed me back, took a selfie of us together, and called for a cab to the arena. It was great to meet a Cleveland fan from the opposite side of the globe!

When I finally got home that night I was exhausted but refreshed at the same time. Being on the road really allowed me to clear my head and escape from the stress of everyday life. I’m happy to be back at work at Advanced RV, but I really look forward to the next time I get sent on an impromptu road trip.

Thank you, Nick, for sharing your first experience taking an Advanced RV out on the road! Thank you for teaching us about kindness and generosity, and reminding us just how liberating and rewarding it can be to say “yes.”



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