Advanced RV client Jim is passionate about paleontology. This unique interest has taken him to off-the-grid locales – and been instrumental in his choice of motorhome. In fact, he tried almost all of the options on the market to make it one dig site, before finding Advanced RV.


Jim discovered this particular dig site in 2004, when he began sitting on the board of a paleontology organization called Earth History Research Center, through a connection with a fellow paleontologist and friend. Jim was traveling with his 10-year-old daughter in their Class A motorhome. The pair made a stop to dig for dinosaur bones, but Jim couldn’t get his Class A over the rutted dirt roads to the site. So they parked their RV and hitched rides with fellow paleontologists at the site daily to get back and forth. They stayed for a couple of days, and Jim’s daughter loved the experience so much that they ended up going back to the dig site six times over the ensuing years.


For their second trip to the site, Jim towed a car, which he used to get over the dirt roads to the site after parking their RV. One year, they attempted to drive their Class A RV to the site, but by the time they drove out, the RV couldn’t reach speeds greater than 35 mph. At a service center, they got about five gallons of dirt out of the engine. Another year, they flew to Denver, rented a car to travel the rest of the way and camped in a tent.


For several years, Jim looked for a motorhome that he could bring out to the dig site that could handle the elements. He considered an expedition vehicle but determined that would be too big to use for anything else. One day, he stumbled upon Advanced RV’s website and called Mike Neundorfer right away. Jim liked that our Advanced RV team would listen to his ideas and develop options that would meet his needs.




Jim wanted a 4×4, but at that time, Mercedes Benz was a year away from providing this. Jim decided to purchase a 2-wheel drive in the meantime. He got to know all of the Advanced RV systems, enabling him to determine exactly what he wanted in his dream 4×4. Along the way, he developed a deeper relationship with our team and grew even more confident that we could build what he wanted.


Jim took delivery of his 4×4, Napsak, in December 2015, and the following March, Jim and his wife Barbara returned to the dig site. They towed their car just in case but quickly realized that they didn’t need to. Napsak could handle the elements and get them in and out of the dig site easily.




Jim says that Napsak gives him the confidence to go places he might not try in another vehicle, no matter the mud, snow, sand or elements. Jim lives off the grid at the dig site for 3-4 days at a time, and after a full day spent outside, he comes home to a comfortable temperature-controlled motorhome with all the amenities.


According to Jim, no one else could meet his needs like we did. In fact, every Advanced RV is one of a kind because it is built to the client’s needs. Jim loves the fact that his motorhome is one of a kind, is customized to fit his needs, and can take him to places others can’t go. “This is a good van,” says Jim. “I like this one!”

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