Pre-Owned Advanced RV Pricing Updates

We have reviewed the pricing of our fleet of re-purchased motorhomes, as we do periodically, to keep the values up to date.

The all-black 4×4 Giddy Up has been reduced to $192,694. The extended-length 2016 build is equipped with an 800AH lithium battery pack, 420 watts of solar, a full bathroom, and articulating beds in the rear. For videos of Giddy Up’s features, here is a detailed walkthrough with Brittany, and here’s a series of additional views.

We have also updated the price of Bam Bam and Coche de Perros to $142,894 and $131,759, respectively.

All of our pre-owned units can be found on our Available For Sale page, where clicking on a van’s profile will share details such as price, mileage, technology and other specs. Advanced RV will also be purchasing Rozy and Wave, two clients vans that have become available and that will appear on the page soon. We encourage you to call, visit, or schedule a rental for any one of these motorhomes.




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