My Time at Advanced RV

My name is Allison. I’m studying Film at Cleveland State University, and this summer I served in a Media Production role as an intern at Advanced RV. I worked on a variety of different projects, from our YouTube channel to our newsletter to our custom user manuals. My internship has come to an end, but I’d like to reflect on what made this summer special.

Interning at Advanced RV was a rewarding and inspiring experience. I got to see what it was like working for a growing, but grounded, startup company. I got to see all kinds of clients come in and design vans that brought their vision to life. The team here welcomes anybody and everybody and they listen to any idea brought to them. Being a part of a team that was so communicative with its clients helped me realize that I was going to be listened to and accepted here as an intern. 

I worked alongside a handful of other interns and I got to see how talented and smart they were. They were able to share their own ideas with the team here and follow through on them. Another intern, Nick, was even able to design and create an innovative armrest that is now being sold on our Upfitter’s Resource website. I believe what Nick did here is a great example of how open and accepting the team is to new innovations. 

I had such a great time suggesting video ideas to Mitchell and Mike, editing those videos, and publishing them to our YouTube channel. I enjoyed reading our community’s blog posts while I organized and uploaded them to the website. Most importantly, I loved being appreciated and respected as an intern here and having so many fun projects to work on.

Thank you Advanced RV for making this summer internship a valuable experience that I can build upon professionally.


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