My First Trip in an RV, an Adventure in Cruzmobile

Advanced RV encourages employees to use our motorhomes and learn the nuances of Class B travel. Their travels allow the team to better relate to clients, answer questions with experience, and generate ideas for product improvement.

Tammy, whose boyfriend Alex is a member of Advanced RV’s finishing team, traveled in Cruzmobile for a family wedding in Charlottesville, Virginia. This was her first experience in a motorhome, and you can read her reflections below. Thanks Tammy!

“I was excited for my trip as this was the first time I would be using an RV to travel and I was looking forward to experiencing the luxury that I have seen and heard about in ARV builds. Our rental did not disappoint! Everything was smooth, from the way it rode, to the comfort of the seats, to the amenities that met my every travel need.

In the evening, it was was great to be able to park in a parking lot and not need to plug in or worry about the battery running low. We were able to use the air conditioner each night and stay comfortable.

Once the curtains were drawn and the bed was laid out, I completely forgot I was in a vehicle. Everything I needed – kitchen, bathroom, and a place to sleep – was at my fingertips. There was plenty of storage all around the cabin for all of my things for the trip. It was a short trip, so we actually didn’t use a lot of the storage space, but it was nice to know it was there if needed.

With the different spaces my boyfriend and I were able to get dressed and ready for the day at the same time, without bumping into each other or the things around us. There were plenty of mirrors and a lot of lighting options to work with, even with the curtain drawn.

I was afraid that the trip would be a disaster and we would swear off RVs for life. But other that having to learn a few things that a seasoned RV traveler would already know (like making sure everything was put away or on the floor already!), the trip was great and actually saved us a lot of money on food and lodging. Other than obligated meals out, we preferred to eat in the RV as we were able to make anything we wanted with our cooking appliances.

I was asked to list some things that I feel could enhance the experience in Cruzmobile. One idea is is to add some type of tread or non-slip grip on the bathroom floor. Another idea might be to install some type of corner shelving or toothbrush holder in Cruzmobile’s bathroom, near the sink. Also, I like the wardrobe and the ability to hang clothes within it, but there should be a place to hang long dresses at their full length.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience and was pleasantly surprised with how well my first RV trip went. Thanks for letting us use one, Advanced RV!



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