Five Years on the Road – Reflecting on My Time in “Beans”

Where to start? My five years of living full time in Beans has been exciting, fun, and rewarding. I’ve met amazing people, made good friends and reconnected with people I’ve worked with in the past. More than the great places I’ve visited, it’s the people who make my travels all worthwhile. For those of you who have let me “driveway camp” I can’t thank you enough. Your generosity and kindness is beyond words; I have no way to reciprocate, I wish I did. Most of you have treated me to meals, some have shown me your special place (a museum, a camping spot, a hiking trail, etc). It all just proves people are incredibly diverse and kind. I have met so many good people in my travels and feel incredibly lucky to have met and know you all.

A special thanks to Advanced RV (ARV) for their creation and support of Beans. The quality and integrity of both the van and the people who work there is above the norm. Phone calls with crazy questions have always been answered with clarity and promptly. When you own an Advanced RV, you aren’t just a customer, you are part of an extended family. The support system is well thought out. No matter if you’re on the road or at the “mother ship”, repairs are addressed quickly. The technology is well thought out and tested.

I’ll never forget my first contact with ARV. I sent an email to the company with a basic drawing asking if they could do the layout I wanted. Two hours later I had a response from Mike Neundorfer, the president of the company stating yes they could and connected me to Brittany Immormino who stepped me through the whole process of bringing my concept to production. Brittany, you are priceless, thank you so much for all your help, advice, and support. Mike, thank you for Advanced RV.

The great thing about an ARV is you can go just about anywhere. Spending weeks in the Arizona desert boondocking? No worries. The van is built for it. With the cold weather package, spending late fall in Vermont, no problem! While I have camped a lot in my life, from backpacking the Appalachian Trail to renting pop-ups and class Cs; nothing has compared to traveling in an ARV. I think the most impressive thing is the durability. Despite traveling with dogs (three dogs for two years), the floor shows no signs of wear and tear. I fully expected to need a new floor, but the recycled rubber floor looks like it did the day it was laid.

My plan is to continue my travels for as long as I am capable of driving. There is still so much to see and experience in this huge country of ours. I’m planning Beans and ARV will be part of that journey for the foreseeable future.



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