Dugan Returns to ARV: 144″ Sprinter Motorhome Available Soon

Dugan, Advanced RV’s first project on a 144″ chassis, has returned to Cleveland. ARV repurchased the 2017 build from its original owner, and after some upgrades, will make the vehicle available for sale. For a comprehensive look at Dugan, here is the vehicle’s introduction video.

Dugan was the result of a client’s vision for convenient, unconstrained exploration of the outdoors. Below are reflections from the original owner:

“Our goal with the design of Dugan was to create a campervan that could get us and our sports equipment safely and comfortably across the country.

An important element to us was a good night’s sleep. The design and functionality of the bed accomplished this, with a bonus of turning into a comfortable seating area by day, complete with seat belts. The van eliminated motel rooms and the need to make reservations. This allowed us to move more freely and be more spontaneous. The awning windows, Maxx Fan, and diesel heater provided a very comfortable living environment.

The cherry cabinetry provided ample storage, and the garage space behind the bed allowed us to transport our bikes and sports gear inside, out of the elements. This also helped with security when we were away from the van. The refrigerator, powered by the auxiliary batteries, enabled us to make breakfast and lunch “on the road.”

The idea was to keep things simple, so we decided to forgo water holding tanks, and a bathroom. We were able to obtain showers at community aquatic centers, campgrounds, or truck stops. We used a porta-potty at night. We spent many nights sleeping “on the street” or at the trailhead.

The 144” wheelbase Sprinter made for easy driving and parking in town, and the vehicle was very capable off road as well. The turbo diesel engine had ample power allowing us to drive over the mountains in the fast lane, yet gave us mileage in the 20 to 25 mpg range. We were happy not pursuing a larger engine or 4 wheel drive.

I viewed Dugan as an “American West” version of a Euro campervan. The upfitting by Advanced RV was far superior to any other upfitters we saw. The design, engineering, and craftsmanship are beyond reproach.

We had three great years and 48,000 miles with Dugan hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and exploring the trails across the country. Thank you Advanced RV.”

The future owner of the van will enjoy a series of ARV upgrades, including:

  • 2″ lift kit in both the front and rear
  • New AGM batteries (200 Amp Hours)
  • New wheels and tires
  • New grill guard

As we perform these upgrades, stay tuned for more Dugan updates. Anyone interested in purchasing Dugan is encouraged to give us a call (440-283-0405) or fill out our website’s contact form.


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