Available 2019 Sprinters Ready for Configuration and Upfit

For those looking to experience custom Class B travel, Advanced RV has several incoming 2019 Mercedes Sprinter chassis available for configuration and 2020 delivery. Following a year of slow Mercedes deliveries, we are especially excited to start working on these builds and deliver a full-custom Advanced RV in time for your 2020 adventures.

In the past several months, clients in the existing production queue claimed a number of finished vans offered to us by Mercedes. The chassis these clients had originally ordered are now complete, set to ship, and ready to enter the ARV production queue.

The first available chassis has already arrived at our facility and is primed for an immediate build upon configuration. The 170″ wheelbase, extended length, 4×4 chassis is in the color Steel Blue.



Three additional Sprinters are available, but have not yet shipped to the ARV facility. One is a 170″ wheelbase, standard length, two-wheel drive chassis. The other two are both 170″ wheelbase, extended length, 4×4 chassis. All three of these incoming chassis are in the color Selenite Gray. There is no delivery date, but the chassis are produced and ready for shipment. Please note that the 144″ Selenite Gray 2500 chassis pictured below is not one of the actual vehicles being delivered. (Edit: as of 12/4/19, the two Selenite Gray extended 170″ 4×4 chassis have been spoken for. The standard length 2WD Selenite Gray chassis is still available, as well as the Steel Blue 4×4 mentioned earlier in this article).



All four chassis are loaded with a full suite of new 2019 Sprinter options, including the power sliding door, touchscreen infotainment system, and safety additions like brake assist, lane assist, and crosswind assist.

If you’ve been thinking about a custom motorhome, now’s your chance to enter the production queue with a short lead time. In the event you are interested in one of these chassis, we will immediately schedule a configuration, where you’ll spend several days at the ARV facility discussing your vision with the team. We’ll work with you to determine a floor plan, your materials, and all the custom items required to build your motorhome.

We are eager to answer any questions you might have about these incoming chassis or the configuration process that follows. Give us a call at 440-283-0405 or fill out our website’s contact form.


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