ARV Designer Takes Dugan For a Spin

Advanced RV encourages our team to use our builds because the practice allows us to approach questions and designs from a place of experience. Like our clients who visit us after their journeys, these experiences inspire creativity and improvements for recreational travel. 

Rob, a member of the design and cabinet teams, selected Dugan for a recent trip to Pennsylvania. Dugan is a pre-owned 144″ wheelbase conversion that ARV re-purchased, upgraded, and has made available for sale. Upon his return, Rob shared the following message with the team:

“My wife Amy and I took a trip in Dugan to see Joel McHale in Wilkes-Barre, PA. It was a 5 hour drive each way, for a total of a just over 700 miles. The majority of the trip was along Interstate 80. The weather was beautiful, with clear skies and chilly temperatures in the 40s during the day and mid-20s at night. The show was put on at a casino ballroom, and was funny. I laughed a lot.

Dugan is a 2017 Sprinter 2 wheel drive with a suspension lift and slightly oversized tires. It has a 4 cylinder engine and a seven-speed transmission. The ride was pretty smooth, though we did feel the wind push the van around a little, especially when following behind semi trucks. Power was adequate all the way up to the van’s top speed of 83 mph indicated on the speedometer. Fuel mileage was 19 MPG with the cruise control set most of the trip at 73 or 78 MPH, depending on the posted speed limit.

There were several things we liked about Dugan. Amy and I agreed the sofa bed was very comfortable. It was way better than the hotel bed I had slept in the prior 4 nights, and comparable to my sleep number bed at home. The black out curtains were excellent at blocking the intense LED parking lot lights we parked under, and blocking drafts from the windows. We both like the ample dash storage and the cup holders molded into the dash shelves.

The Webasto furnace did an excellent job of keeping the van interior at the set temperature despite 25 degree temps at night with wind. We got a thumbs-up from a few gawkers at Panera on Sunday morning. The fuel mileage at 19 MPG hand-calculated was great for the size of the vehicle, and included the fuel used by the Webasto furnace. The fridge works great and interior lighting is very nice.

Rob Wick”

Rob came back with a short list of things we could do to improve Dugan for their type of trip. As usual, we will be ready to make changes in Dugan to match the needs of the new owner when it sells.


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