Advanced RV Rentals: Updates and Promotions

The rental season is in full swing, so here are a few updates about the ARV Rentals program.

After re-purchasing and upgrading several of our earlier builds, the ARV rental fleet has grown in size. Now, Stewie, Bam Bam, and Luke are all options available to you. Our team has worked hard to quickly bring them up to date with a variety of new systems like batteries, suspensions, and AC units. These vans will join Giddy Up, Coche de Perros, and Cruzmobile as the vehicles you can select from for your adventure (Cruzmobile is one of our more unique builds and the subject of our latest video).

If you find that you especially enjoyed your van of choice, remember that all of our rental units are available for purchase, and that 30% of your rental fee will be applied towards the purchase of a new or pre-owned motor home within 6 months of your rental.

In addition to our larger rental selection, we are offering a new promotion for our renters. Now, if you book an ARV rental, you’ll be able to choose between 50 dollars of fuel or 50 dollars of food – food selected by you, purchased and stocked into the fridge by us.

We strive to make the rental experience as enjoyable as possible for our guests, and would like to highlight a positive experience from two July renters. At the end of their eight-day road trip through Pennsylvania in Coche de Perros, Valerie and Roland made this wonderful video for us.

There is still plenty of time to explore the country this summer. We hope you’ll do so in an Advanced RV. Give us a call or visit the ARV Rentals page for details.

Roland and Valerie camping in Pennsylvania


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