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Since taking possession of her Advanced-RV, G’Day, on March 23, 2016, Nancy has been around the country enjoying her motorhome, sharing it with her family and friends, and even baking her signature cookies.

Shortly after G’Day became part of her family, Nancy said, “We’d take it to local parks so we could learn how to use all of the new technology. We took it to Advanced-RV Fest in May and also to the Fest in South Carolina.”

From there, Nancy towed a U-Haul behind G’Day on her way to Portland, Ore., to help her daughter move. On the way home solo (4,000 miles!), she stopped off to see friends she hadn’t seen in several decades. “It’s a great place to stay and not intrude on people as I was traveling,” says Nancy of her Advanced-RV.

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Nancy has also traveled in G’Day with her 4-year-old grandson. They’ve stopped off to see Nancy’s 92-year-old father and enjoy days at the beach with him. “It has been a source of much fun, relaxation and great memories,” says Nancy.

Travels with Family

Nancy is an avid cook and baker, and the kitchen in G’Day makes it easy for her to prepare meals. She bakes using the convection oven and microwave, and also has a pressure cooker/slow cooker combination that allows her to make stews and soups.

Cooking off the grid

Nancy stopped by Advanced-RV recently to install a passenger-side desk and a Laguna table—watch our video to hear more about her travels and sign up for Advanced-RV Fest to meet Nancy and other owners!



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