2013-09-29 12.40.02 _Peanut_by-Eli-AnthonyWhether your firing up your laptop, sifting through paperwork, or sketching the landscape outside the window, it can be nice to have a desk in your Advanced RV. At clients’ request, we’ve built a few custom desk spaces, designed to be big enough to actually use, without sacrificing too much storage space.

The most popular desk option features a work surface that folds down from the side of the cabinet behind the driver’s seat. Rotate the driver’s seat 180 degrees, and it serves as the office chair. This design sacrifices no storage space, and it works well for clients using laptops or tablets. We can incorporate a range of work surface sizes; we’ve even designed a desk with multiple foldouts to create a larger work surface.

There’s also the fixed desk option, which we designed was for a client who does part-time contracting work. He needed an area in the coach where he work on his laptop and lay out his papers. The work surface had to be large enough to accommodate bigger pieces, and the owner wanted it to be a permanent fixture. We built the desk next to the refrigerator, where we normally put a cabinet. For this client, having a large and stable desk was more important than the additional storage space. With this design, the owner can access his workspace at any time, without having to unfold or rearrange anything.

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