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We buy back every Advanced RV motorhome from clients who take delivery of their second vehicle.  Why? First, we can maintain a high resale value for our clients.  Second, we can offer lower cost upgraded Advanced RV custom made Mercedes motorhomes. Finally, we can increase rental availability.  When we get them back, we do a complete inspection and upgrade the used units with our newer technologies. We extend our warranty after functional quality checks and guarantee them certified pre owned. Watch our video to learn more about this process.  More information about pre-owned motorhomes currently available can be found on our website.

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  1. John Golden
    John Golden says:

    This is a great presentation! Brittany does an excellent job explaining why Advanced RV buys back any Advanced units they can. Going into detail what the buy back or trade in unit goes through to make them available for rental or resale shows the extent of Advanced RV’s determination to make their units the most reliable units available to the prospective buyer. Again Super job and Brittany, great presentation.

    • Janice Spicuzza
      Janice Spicuzza says:

      Please consider a visit to our facility near Cleveland, Ohio. You can meet our team, see motorhomes in various stages of production, and tour our certified pre owned units. We look forward to meeting you!


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