Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Dave and Carol Munro, and we’ve been RVing since the early 1960s. We’ve traveled most of the USA, Mexico, and part of Canada, for a total of almost 1,000,000 miles by coach and love the lifestyle.

We started with a travel trailer towed by a van—the kids slept in the trailer, and we slept in the van. That was short-lived, as we quickly discovered that traveling in a motorhome was much more our style.

We’ve worked our way through six motorhomes and are on our seventh and last one. They’ve ranged from 23’ to 45’, from gasoline to diesel pushers. Our last two have been Sprinters. BB the first, a modified stock conversion, led us to BB2, our Advanced-RV custom conversion and current motorhome.

So how did we transition from RVing in maximum style and comfort to RVing in maximum flexibility with comfort? A few pictures are worth many words:


45' MCI Renaissance with trailer and car

45’ MCI Renaissance with trailer and car: 74’L x 8’.5” x 13’3”H; 64,000 lbs.


Our 45’ MCI Renaissance was our second conversion (the first was 40’). We traveled 200,000+ miles in comfort and style, crisscrossing the continent, living aboard, and using several tow vehicles, including a Chevrolet Avalanche with a Gold Wing in back, the trailer with the 35 Dodge Hot Rod (pictured), and a smart car. All were attention-getters.

We traveled in maximum style and luxury, but as we aged, we discovered that there was considerable effort involved. We were limited to where we could go and stay, which necessitated tow vehicles to get around. We also wanted to do more back road and off-road travel, with less effort and more reward.


MCI Renaissance Conversion next to BB, A Sprinter Conversion

MCI Renaissance Conversion next to BB, a Sprinter Conversion


On the spur of the moment, as we were traveling by car through Eugene, OR, we stopped and purchased our first Sprinter conversion, BB. We made a few modifications and discovered what fun travel by small coach is, and continues to be. We used the Sprinter more and more, and the bus less and less. The Sprinter allowed us to see more, and definitely have more fun. Plus it led us to Advanced RV and BB2, our custom-built super high roof, SuperStealth Sprinter conversion.





We picked up BB2 in the first part of February, two weeks after the super storms that hit the Northeast in January of 2016. This year is to be the time of enjoying unplanned travel, avoiding freeways as much as possible, and relaxing while we see more of North America and visit folks we know. We’ll catch you up on our ARV SuperStealth Sprinter BB2 and our travels as we go.

-Dave & Carol

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