When Sprinter introduced a super high roof offering over a year ago, we were immediately interested. And when a potential 6’5” client visited us shortly thereafter, we started discussing the possibility of creating a completely new motor home for him on the new super high roof chassis. Now, we’re excited to introduce our SuperStealth Advanced-RV motor home and share some of the updated features we’ve designed for this space.

custom class b rv

Super Stealth

The SuperStealth features a nearly invisible fan and air conditioning unit, which actually resulted from a design hurdle. The new Sprinter extended roof has a fiberglass roof extension that’s about 9¾“ higher than the standard roof and isn’t designed to support the extra weight of the air conditioner and MaxxFan. This fact, combined with our objective to keep the overall height of the SuperStealth close to our standard high roof models, led us to design a recessed AC and fan within a roof “well”, aluminum ceiling and supporting structure. The fan and AC are barely visible from the ground in the SuperStealth.

super high roof sprinter

Super Stealth

The super high roof allowed us to make other improvements. We isolated the AC from the cabin for reduced noise and created a duct system to quietly distribute cool air from the AC throughout the coach. We designed structural aluminum ceiling trusses and “stressed tested” them with 3D design software and finite element analysis testing before we built them in our weld shop.

The cabinets in the SuperStealth were designed using Solid Works, and we cut out the cabinet plywood components on our 3 axis CNC router. The SuperStealth cabinet valence creates more opportunities for improved lighting, which we’re excited to explore further.

luxury class b rv

Super Stealth Interior

We currently have a SuperStealth motor home called Run Away in manufacturing for Marcia and me to use and demonstrate. We also have several super high roof chassis on order for clients who have ordered Advanced-RV SuperStealth motor homes.

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