Introducing Dugan: Advanced RV’s “Shorty” Model, built on a 144″ Sprinter 2500 Chassis

shorty luxury rv

Advanced RV builds premium, personalized motor homes to fit our clients’ unique travel needs. Starting from the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform, we optimize each coach with designs and finishes that enable clients to go wherever the  road takes them in elegance and comfort.


Shorty Dugan sprinter rv

Dugan, ARV’s Shorty model, is built on a Mercedes-Benz short wheelbase (144″), model 2500 Sprinter chassis. Dugan’s owners teamed with Advanced-RV engineers and craftspeople to provide beautiful comfort and a lot of room inside for sports equipment. Dugan can carry 5 people with seat belts and provides the client with almost one and a half tons of people and cargo capacity.  Dugan’s owners decided to save weight and space by eliminating plumbing and a bathroom and installing a portable cassette toilet.


You will see from the video the beauty, simplicity and utility of Dugan. Equipment includes aux batteries, an inverter for AC power, removable desk behind the driver’s seat, quartz counters and counter extension drawer.  The cabinets use real wood laminate over 3/4’” hardwood plywood with urethane coated maple hardwood interiors. We hope you enjoy the video that shows some of Dugan’s design.


You can view more photos of Dugan on our Gallery page:…

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  1. David Dwight
    David Dwight says:

    Really like the concept of the Dugan. Your taking a page out of the Outside Van playbook. Good for ARV. I appreciate your business model of quality and innovation, and there is a market for Dugan type vans that are customizable for whatever your outside interests might be.

    I currently get your newsletter (thank you) and I am learning a lot as I try to decide the best pathway for me towards a class B purchase. However, I’m not a fan of the MB Blue Tec motors. I’m leaning toward a Ford Transit with the gas Eco Boost. Great motor, doesn’t cost as much as a Blue Tec, and servicing is more readily available ( and cheaper) at Fords network of dealerships. If you ever decide to offer a chassis other than MB, I might come to Ohio for a visit if the timing is right.

    Congrats on the Dugan, and continued success.

    Best wishes,


    • Janice Spicuzza
      Janice Spicuzza says:

      Thank you for your feedback and concerns. We use the MB chassis for a lot of reasons, the most important being GVRW. The Sprinter chassis we use are rated at 11030 # gross weight, about 800 # more than the Transit. If you aren’t installing plumbing and tanks like Dugan, it doesn’t matter. Please let us know how you want to travel. If you want us to upfit a Transit, we will get a chassis here for your visit and we will work with you on the dimensions of your interior. We look forward to working with you.

  2. Masato Ota
    Masato Ota says:

    Where were you 1.5 years ago?..we were very interested in your design, but all of your models were geared towards older folks (although I just turned 59 this month) who needed to rely on the most recent technology and had to have ostentatious luxury to boot. A lot of active and outdoorsy younger people want to haul multiple bicycles, surf, kite or stand up paddle boards, skis and snow boards, as well as a lot of camping and hiking gear. Your traditional floor plan cannot handle the variety of toys that are out there for us to enjoy. Skip the TV and Apple CarPlay and focus on things that can really be enjoyed outdoors.

    We love to hike, scuba dive and ride mountain bikes and up until now none of your floor plans could handle these requirements. In addition, we wanted a van that had the fresh water and all the grey water plumbing above the floor to keep those from freezing to make the van more usable in colder weather. We also wanted portable cassette toilet for the same purpose…why waste energy to keep human waste warm. Moreover, we wanted to be able to run Vitamix rather than a Kuereg machine, albeit we have both. Needless to say, we ended up purchasing an Outside Van and traveled across the US for 4.5 months with two mountain bikes and full load of other goodies. Our van is headed to Japan as I write.

    Hopefully your company would not become another Cadillac…where the median owners are over 56 years old. Not a good long term strategy as baby boomers become older and less active.

    • Janice Spicuzza
      Janice Spicuzza says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. We hope you are enjoying your Outside Van. We are sorry that we didn’t communicate our capabilities to you when you were considering Advanced-RV.

      For five years, we have been building custom motor homes. Each client becomes part of our design team. We have built rugged field office up fits, including one for the FBI (although we are not allowed to show photos) and a full range of motor homes designs. We have installed cassette toilets, composting toilets and spacious bathrooms, as clients choose. Our designs are always improving, based on client input. We have built winterized, insulated plumbing systems and systems where the plumbing is run totally inside the motor home. Our internal configurations and finishes are as varied as our clients, who range in age from 20’s to 80’s, with all kinds of traveling needs.

      Thank you for your comment about our technology, which we build-in and integrate rather than bolt on. All of our motor homes include diesel fired heat; 90% have lithium battery systems; and, about half are 4×4 chassis, with wheelbase from 144″to 170″, on both the 2500 and 3500 models.

      I think we are good at building the custom Sprinter motor home that fits with our clients’ needs. We are trying to get better at communicating our broad and deep capabilities. Your feedback will help us improve our communication. Thank you.


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