Bolt Secure Sprinter RV

If you love Class B travel, especially in stealth, off-the-grid style, you might find yourself in places where you’re concerned for the safety and security of your motor home. It could be at a remote wilderness trailhead or in the center of a city, when stopped for a quick meal or leaving the camper for a few days. Our new ARV Bolt Secure system provides security and peace of mind with an automatic dead bolt redundancy lock for all doors.

The first ARV Bolt Secure was installed in December 2015, and other clients have now ordered the Advanced RV’s dead bolt system. We are also installing the system in our SuperStealth demo model, which is currently in production.

Watch our video below to learn more about keeping your motor home secure with the ARV Bolt Secure. Visit our website to discover other featured that have been configured in an
Advanced RV.

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