Vineyard along Lake Ontario

A 9-day road trip in the Advanced-RV Giddy Up takes Andrew and Katharine from Advanced-RV headquarters near Cleveland, OH, along the shore of Lake Erie, and into Canada. Follow along in Part 5 of our 7-part series, as the couple sees a show at the Shaw Festival Theater and stops at a vineyard along Lake Ontario’s shore.

Oban Inn

Following a lovely evening, a leisurely morning started with a continental breakfast in the Oban Inn. After breakfast, we contemplated our options for the remainder of the journey: 1) Go south and west along Lake Erie; or 2) Push farther North into Ontario to Muskoka Lakes Cranberry Marsh. Our choice (the second) meant we would spend Saturday pressing down from Ontario to, likely, a NY winery just north of Erie, PA, on Lake Erie.


Due to the rain, we picked up an Uber ride to the theater for the 2:00 p.m. “Me and My Gal” matinee. The Shaw Festival Theater is a lovely, intimate, modern theater with gardens behind it for pre-show and intermission breaks. Our balcony-front-row seats were great, and we were delighted with the performance. A lot of good tap-dancing, a lively cast, and good costumes and backdrops/settings made the show most enjoyable. It’s kind of a “My Fair Lady” meets “Grease” meets “Downtown Abby” show.


We grabbed an Uber back to the Oban Inn and Giddy Up, and from there, set the best course and speed for Legends Estate Winery just west of Lincoln, Ontario. We read and had Indian food as the rain and thunder boomed overhead. Although it was in the mid-40s outside, the rain and wind were making it feel closer to 36 degrees. Giddy Up’s Espar furnace had no problems keeping us warm as we listened to the rain and thunder go by while parked just a few hundred yards off of Lake Ontario.

Legends Estate Winery in Ontario

Waking up on the shores of Lake Ontario, we had our usual breakfast of Greek yogurt, berries, and granola – oh yes, coffee, too. We took a walk around the vineyard near us going right up to the shores of Lake Ontario. We watched a couple of vineyard workers cutting out and clearing new vine growth. They seemed to instinctually know how many new growth vines to cut out and how many to leave behind. They worked quickly and automatically – pruning and pulling out the new cuttings and piling them in between the rows. There seemed to be some old-world knowledge or training that was guiding them – suffice to say, it looked like a lot of work.

Vineyard along Lake Ontario

Since we arrived after closing, we made our obligatory stop in the wine shop before leaving and purchased a nice local varietal red. We got on the road quickly with the knowledge we had several miles to get behind us to make it to the land of the cranberries.


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