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A 9-day road trip in the Advanced-RV Giddy Up takes Andrew and Katharine from Advanced-RV headquarters near Cleveland, OH, along the shore of Lake Erie, and into Canada. Follow along in Part 2 of our 7-part series, as the couple visits the Grand Canyon of PA and a historic winery.


We topped off freshwater at the park and headed east across PA to Galeton for diesel. Giddy Up needed 12.8 gallons from driving over the hilly terrain and running the hot water heater. We got our bearings to the eastern rim of the Grand Canyon of PA at the Tioga County Visitor’s stop. The eastern rim of the PA Grand Canyon is best viewed from Leonard Harrison State Park. Besides amazing views of the Canyon, there was a nice memorial/remembrance to the Civilian Conservation Corps that built parks and camps throughout PA’s forests—including Cherry Springs and Leonard Harrison Parks. The influence of the CCC was strong here. The viewing area was beautifully laid with stone walls and walkways, and the view was fantastic.

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Giddy Up’s nav system took us down some back roads along the Pine Creek Rail Trail to Darling Run, getting us back to PA-6 (Grand Army of the Republic Highway) toward Tioga. PA-287 and PA-15/US-99 brought us rapidly into New York and to the Corning Glass Museum in Corning, NY. We did some creative parking and ran through the museum quickly—we needed to get to our overnight stop in Hammondsport before they closed. We very much enjoyed the glass blowing/working demonstration and numerous displays.


A short trip from Corning to Hammondsport brought us to the Great Western Winery on the southern end of Keuka Lake. Great Western Winery was established in 1860, and retains the designation U.S. Bonded Winery No.1. It is enormous and has eight stone buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We did not get to see any of the buildings—it was too early for those tours. But we did taste a few wines. They specialize in American Champagne and Sherries. We took a stroll around the farm area and the pressing building that had stained glass windows and repurposed doors. It looked like a church, but the stained glass helps minimize the light, they tell us.

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A chilly night that got down to 36 degrees made us check out the Espar heater for more than hot water—and the heated floor was a nice plus!


In the morning, after Andrew made omelets on the induction cooktop, we looked at the Great Western Winery museum before we left in the morning. (I find it amusing that the wineries that survived Prohibition were the ones that made the sacramental wines….)

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