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Ever wonder what it’s like to design and customize the interior of an Advanced RV motor home? Ultimately, the interior of your motor home is up to you, and crafting its look and feel is as important as the investment you make in the systems and quality build behind the looks. The process is fun and creative, akin to decorating the interior of your home. We feel it’s important to work closely and form a bond with our clients to help them create their dream motor home.


Kitchen Galley


Each client typically comes to Advanced RV and spends a couple of days with Brittany Immormino, our team’s design specialist. The experience usually starts with a tour of our production floor and a look at current motor homes in production. “I spend a lot of time simply listening to our clients and observing how they like to travel, what amenities they like, and their personal style,” says Brittany.

Important time is spent in the design room, where we have countless samples to examine. While that may seem daunting, Brittany pulls out samples and narrows down options to fit our client’s personal taste and objectives in their travels. She’s like a personal stylist for your motor home.




Here’s a look at the typical process our clients and Brittany work through in the design room:
1. Select cabinet finish: Cabinetry can define the feel of your entire motor home. We’ll walk you through both traditional and modern options, in a range of prices.
2. Select floor: Tile, rubber and EcoFloor are three popular options to explore with your feet.
3. Select countertop: Granite or quartz? Even if you’re not a chef, we want your kitchen to feel like home!
4. Select upholstery: Leather, suede, synthetic leather, durable fabric—pick one that you find comfortable and beautiful.
5. Select walls and ceiling: We’ll see a variety of wall coverings and valences that can personalize your space.
6. Select curtains: Countless fabric options to explore—plus we’ll even look at piping and stitching choices.
7. Select carpet: Plush, functional, fuzzy, functional—your carpet should fit your motor home lifestyle.


Looking forward

Keep in mind this is a general process, and not every owner follows this sequence. “Some start with curtains that they love and make every other decision based on the curtains,” says Brittany. “Others stick to main cabinetry selections first, feeling that details like curtains are easy to change over time.”

Other owners build their design based off of a style they love (rustic, modern, etc.) and create their unit around that style. Some choose to accent certain colors (for some helpful tips on color, watch this video from Better Homes & Gardens). There’s a balance when it comes to color, but as Brittany reminds us, “The design doesn’t have to match perfectly.”


Twin Beds


Once the vehicle is configured and production begins, we update the client with pictures throughout the building process. And the most exciting moment is the delivery, when the client gets to see all of the design elements put together for the first time. “The whole company is buzzing with excitement and so is the client,” says Brittany. We take a team picture with the client and their new RV to celebrate the moment.

Did you create your motor home’s interior based off of a style, color or detail? Share your experience in the comments below.

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      Janice Spicuzza says:

      Thank you for your inquiry! The possibilities are limited only by our clients’ imagination, the space available in the Sprinter Chassis, time and money. Please call us at 440-283-0405 to discuss your travel needs.


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