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An Advanced RV Honeymoon Camper Van Style

Brittany Immormino, part of the Advanced-RV team, and her new husband Steven enjoyed their honeymoon … the Advanced-RV way. Read about Brittany’s honeymoon in her own words!

As many of you know, Steven and I took a motorhome on our honeymoon, and it wasn’t any ordinary camper van. We traveled in Giddy Up, a 4×4 Advanced-RV. Giddy Up has the highest audio configuration, coziest articulating twin beds, ample fridge space to hold all of our wedding leftovers, and numerous safety and visibility technology to make driving this Class B even safer.

Class B RV

We’re fortunate to have the opportunity to travel in Advanced-RV rental vans when they’re not in use. Each time our team members take trips, we come back with a list of tweaks and ideas for how to improve this or that. Well, after our trip in Giddy Up, you could count our list on one hand. After years of all of our team members scrutinizing every square inch of our motorhomes, the implementation of everyone’s ideas made the trip incredibly comfortable and effortless. And I don’t think our star struck eyes caused us to see everything in a good light. Plain and simple, Giddy Up was an absolute dream to travel in for our honeymoon.

luxury rv

During our trip, we kept a journal and are glad to share some of our most cherished memories from our two-week trip. The following list outlines our main stops in chronologic order, and the asterisks mark our favorites:

    • The I Love Lucy Museum in Jamestown, NY

sprinter rv

    • Ellicottville Brewing Company
    • Hiking at Letchworth State Park

custom rv

    • Glen Iris Inn

    • Horseback riding at Overland Morgan Farms

recreational vehicle van

    • St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Canaseraga, NY
    • Clute Park Campground (the only campsite we stayed in to stop to dump and fill up with fresh water mid-trip)
    • Watkins Glen


    • Corning Museum of Glass

    • The Rockwell Museum, A Smithsonian Affiliate
    • Longwood Gardens

We had wonderful weather for the majority of our trip, and Steve did most of the driving. Thank you to everyone who continues to support us and ARV. We hope to see you in Cleveland soon!

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Custom RV manufacturer

Brinton Lincoln Joins the Advanced RV Team

Mike Neundorfer, of Advanced-RV, is pleased to announce that Brinton Lincoln has joined Advanced RV and associated companies as Vice President of Operations. Brinton honed his leadership skills during 13 years in the US military and as a principal in a successful Cleveland, Ohio start-up. His degrees are in business and strategy. Brinton has immediately assumed the lead in current production and facility configuration for our relocation and consolidation in our new, enlarged facilities. “I am honored that Brinton has chosen to join the Advanced RV team and help us to realize our many product and production goals,” says Mike Neundorfer.

Advanced RV team

Brinton states “It’s a true pleasure for me to join such a tight knit and talented team. Advanced RV differentiates itself through its dedication to customer satisfaction.  Everyone within the organization aims to not just meet, but far exceed expectations.  Impressively, they accomplish such by continuously innovating state of the art technologies all while accepting nothing less than the very highest quality of craftsmanship.  I am both humbled and excited to join the ARV team.”

Read more about Brinton on our Team page here.


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Off Grid Peace of Mind in a Class B RV

Jean and Ed, owners of Dottie, are enjoying the first few months of a planned 18-month tiny home immersion experience. They sold their traditional home earlier in the year and will transition to a new home in the fall of 2018 once construction is completed. While they have plans to follow the sun once we start into the winter, they can currently be found at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State. Solidly into their second year of volunteering at this gorgeous park, Jean and Ed devote five out of every seven days to their duties in the MeadoWatch and Meadow Roving programs at Mount Rainier. This arrangement works out beautifully in that the Park system provides free camping to volunteers and the couple stay on-site, in Dottie, with daily short trips between their campground and the Paradise area of the Park.

off grid

“Other than our daily back and forth trips of approximately 9 miles, we have an occasional drive into the local town of Ashford that is about 14 miles away from the campground”, said Jean. “We always have plenty of battery power throughout this 5-day stay”. Jean and Ed commented that this is probably not surprising to other experienced ARV owners—but it doesn’t hurt to remind the community.

Dottie is outfitted with ARV’s current production-level, version 2 Lithium battery pack—but Jean and Ed do have the older alternator. This 800Ahr unit is supplemented by solar panels that contribute an incremental amount of power and a weekly round trip to their former neighborhood (three hours in each direction) provides all of the power that they need. With a 420 watt capacity, the highest power contribution that Ed and Jean have observed through their Silver Leaf system is +13A. The Park campground (Cougar Rock) does provide drinking water and a place to dump Dottie’s tanks, but—as is the case at many campgrounds, there are no electric hookups. Although generators are allowed in certain loops of the campground, Jean and Ed are happy to report that they have not needed to use their Genset this entire summer. “If we had to depend on an electric plug-in system or run our generator all the time”, observed Ed, “this wouldn’t be workable”.

effortless systems

Solid engineering and useful innovation are hallmarks of ARV. In fact, the company is in continual beta-test mode with various products and technologies. “We are always searching out compelling offerings—particularly in energy storage technology”, said Frank Kolasinski. “Enabling our customers to stay off the grid as long as possible is the goal”.

Although the warmth of spring was late in arriving at Mount Rainier, the summer has proven to be remarkably dry and sunny. The two volunteers have documented over 50 days of sunlight at the Park so far which enables them to execute their normal breakfast and dinner activities as well as occasional full-day fan ventilation with little or no reduction in available battery power. “On a few really hot days in the high 90’s, we even ran the house AC for intervals”, said Jean. “We always had plenty of power and were never close to needing the Genset”.

Dottie will return to Willoughby, Ohio this fall to be updated to the latest alternator before Jean and Ed head south and winter in Southern New Mexico and South Padre Island in Texas. Once the weather breaks in 2018, they hope to travel to Alaska before settling back in for another summer of volunteer work at Mount Rainier.

You can see more photos of Dottie in our Gallery here

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VB AirSuspension Installation – Now Easier to Retrofit

Advanced RV now offers a new generator mount that streamlines the VB AirSuspension installation for Winnebago and Coachman Class B and C motor homes. Advanced RV has always done VB AirSuspension upgrades on Class B and C motor homes manufactured by others. One of the challenges with these installs can be interference with OEM equipment under the chassis. Advanced RV re-routes wires and plumbing, and makes other changes as needed to accommodate the VB air suspension install. With the new generator mount, this process is quicker and cheaper.  It take two days and can usually be scheduled within two or three weeks.


VB airsuspension installation


Learn more about installing VB AirSuspension on your motorhome here.

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Mike and Marcia Attend The Düsseldorf Solon RV Show

On August 23rd, Mike and Marcia boarded a plane to Düsseldorf Germany for the huge Düsseldorf RV show. Among well over 200,000 other visitors to this show, they saw old friends, met suppliers and visited booths showing the highest quality and most innovative products for the RV market.


They first attended this show two years ago, and this year, Mike wanted to learn all he could about Sprinter builds, especially the many companies building van campers and van camping equipment. These companies ranged from the Mercedes Marco Polo and VW campers to smaller up-fitters and equipment manufacturers for this growing market.

RV Show

Mike and Marcia spent time with the Houghton Air Conditioner group and enjoyed dinner with Mr. Bei, the owner, and Paul Christensen and his wife Jane. Advanced-RV has been impressed with the efficiency and quiet operation of the two Houghton models they have tested over the last few months.

Class B RV

Other key contacts were with VB AirSuspension and its owner; folks from E&P leveling systems, and the sales rep from Plastiform, a Slovenian window manufacturer that Marcia and Mike and Chris and Marta Puetzfeld from Advanced RV visited after the Düsseldorf show two years ago.


Mike and Marcia were pleased to hang out with James and Stefany of Fit RV over several days and share a breakfast together. The Mercedes Benz reception is always a highlight of the show, and once again, Mike and Marcia appreciated MB hosting such a congenial event at the show.


Mike talked to suppliers from all over the world, including an Italian seat manufacturer; a Turkish manufacturer of innovative, low-profile shades and curtains; and a young, innovative manufacturer of camper interiors for the Metris (or Vito, in Europe), called Nest, from the Czech Republic.


After the Düsseldorf show, Mike and Marcia flew to Switzerland to spend a couple days with Chris and Marta Puetzfeld. They then visited Budapest, enjoying the lights of the city on an evening cruise of the Danube and taking in the highlights of the city and traditional Hungarian food on a bike tour. From Budapest, they took a train to Prague where they met their Irish travel friends for an all day walking tour of the city. From Prague, with their friends, they rented a car and drove to the beautiful Czech countryside southwest of Prague. There they met with Jiri and Zdenka, whose blog you might have read when, last year, they rented an Advanced RV to do a six week tour of the US.

luxury class b rv


class b rv manufacturer


recreational vehicle van

When Mike realized they were only a three hour drive from the Czech camper manufacturer, Nest, he called the contact he had met in Düsseldorf and set up a meeting for the next day. He and Marcia left their country pension at 6:30 AM, drove through the gorgeous countryside, and toured the plant with our contact. It was a tough day of travel but the visit was excellent.


The next day, Jiri and Zdenka joined Harry and Mary and Mike and Marcia for a 13 mile hike in the countryside, with views of rolling fields and farmhouses, paths through dense forests, and gentle climbs up rock formations. They enjoyed a Czech lunch in a converted farmhouse and, from Jiri and Zdenka, learned about Czech life pre and post-communism, rural and urban, work and pleasure.

class b rv enthusiasts

Mike and Marcia are now on their way to Burma before visiting Hong Kong to celebrate their youngest son’s, Patrick, wedding and then to Tokyo to see Patrick and wife Alexis’s new home. Then, home and back to work.

View our gallery of Advanced RV builds here.

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Following The Sun – Road Trip in a Class B RV

The Great American Eclipse this August was an event that brought crowds of people towards a defined geographical viewing swath of the United States. Small towns that were often slumbering through the dog days of summer experienced a significant uptick in activity. One such town, Chester, IL, with a population of just over 8,000 residents sits on a bluff above the Mississippi River. Prior to the summer of 2017, the town’s primary claim to fame was that it is the home of the iconic cartoon character, Popeye. Travelers through town are often enjoying the beauty of the National Scenic Byway Great River Road that follows the route of the mighty Mississippi. However, overnight accommodations for visitors to Chester are somewhat sparse. This presents no problem at all to a group of people who traveled 400-600 miles from their homes to enjoy the spectacle.

custom RV

“The natural phenomenon provided our town, and many others like Chester, with an opportunity to host visitors from diverse locations”, said Tom Page, Chester’s Mayor. “Our Chamber of Commerce arranged a full schedule of family-friendly activities and Chester is known for its outstanding hospitality. We welcomed the chance to highlight our town, the beautiful location on the bluffs over the Mississippi River and to make new friends”.

With plans to travel in their B-Class RV’s, Michelle Ahlgren and Nancy Neumeister only had to ensure that they had reserved parking spots offered in the city park by the town of Chester on a first call basis. The pair of friends has been discussing this adventure since January. Nancy, a retired middle and high school science teacher, whose daughter is enrolled in graduate school in Portland, OR, had originally discussed the possibility of driving out to Portland with her husband, Jim, and finding a viewing site there. “The more we talked about it”, said Nancy, “the more we realized we would rather view the eclipse closer to home and save Portland for another time where the focus was on our daughter not an eclipse”! After consulting a map that highlighted the prime viewing path for the eclipse, Nancy found camping in the town of Chester, and quickly notified Michelle.

Arriving a few days prior to the eclipse, the couples had time to catch up while enjoying several fun things that the town planned for the event including concerts, scavenger hunts, and a lecturer as well as the scenic limestone bluffs, the Mississippi and following Chester’s own trail of stars—a series of statues featuring characters from the Popeye cartoon. Both the Ahlgrens and the Neumeisters own RV’s from Advanced RV in Willoughby, Ohio and, in fact, their independent choice in recreational vehicles was the catalyst for a thriving friendship. The two families share a love for the open road, exploration and the ability to gather with friends and family without the household disruption—no matter how minor—that accompanies overnight guests.

RV camper van

“Every trip is an adventure”, said Nancy, “and we kind of go with the flow and find things along the way. If not, I always have an array of delightful things to eat as well as to share”. With personal space that includes a bed, full kitchen and bathroom with shower, each couple is able to maintain their personal food preferences while exploring new options and retire to their comfort zone at the end of each day. “We enjoy the ease of travel and the freedom that our RV provides to us”, commented Michelle—a retired Enterprise IT Project manager. “My husband, Fred, and I designed the interior of our RV to meet our specific needs and choices, and this makes each trip a joyful experience”. Both couples find that their mode of travel enables them to engage more dynamically with people that they meet along the way. “Our preference is the great outdoors”, observed Michelle.  “This gives us so much more time to explore and absorb the nuances of our environment, talking with people and making connections. The town of Chester really rolled out the welcome mat to us with information on the camping options, the town and things to see and do, and we had a wonderful time participating in this spectacular sight of a lifetime”.

Sprinter RV

The town of Chester, Illinois was well prepared for the incoming crowds celebrating the Great American Eclipse—offering free campsites on a first call, first reserved basis.

The Eclipse party in Illinois proved to be so compelling that a cluster of Advanced RVs gathered at Fort Kaskaskia State Historic Site on Monday to enjoy good company and an incredible show. Brittany, Steve and Janice drove Rozy, and rental client Ben drove Giddy Up to the campsite. They experienced over two and a half minutes of totality. During that time crickets and other “night” animals began to sing, and nature acted like it was night. Then, all critters fell silent as soon as the sun peeked out again. What was also so impressive was how a tiny sliver of light from the sun (immediately before and after the eclipse) could bring such light. Seeing the sun then was a great example of knowing how powerful, hot, and massive the sun truly is.

Road trip Class B RV


Afterward, everyone enjoyed a picnic lunch together before heading home.

For more information on designing your Advanced RV, visit our website here.

gold standard

The Gold Standard

class b motorhomeMagnolia Emporium’s flagship location, graced by a magnificent mural of Queen Charlotte, can be found at 307 Lincoln Street in Charlotte, North Carolina.


The current vibrance and energy found in the Gold District of Charlotte, NC speaks to the efforts of a committed group of individuals who see not only business opportunity but also a collective effort to raise up a community. Many people believe that Sutter’s Mill in California was the epicenter of the North American Gold Rush, but, in fact, gold was discovered in the newly minted state of North Carolina 50 years before the 1849 stake was claimed in California. A Google search reveals that the North Carolina gold rush got off to a bit of a slow start in that the 17 pound gold nugget that Conrad Reed found near a creek on his family farm was not recognized for gold and was used as the family door stop for years. Once the true nature of the rock was identified, farmers in the area began to actively search their own properties for nuggets—after the crops were brought in, of course. While mining in the area is now primarily an activity for tourists—the Reed Gold Mine opened as an attraction in 1977, the Charlotte Gold District is catching its second wind with an urban rejuvenation project that has expanded from a modest 30 square acres to a bustling center of commerce that pushes the boundaries of nearly four times that acreage. And right smack in the middle of the action is an eclectic and exuberant shop known as the Magnolia Emporium.

Like a musician, Randolph James tunes his inventory according to the direction of his customers’ desires—combining his own expertise with a focused ear to the feedback that he receives. A demanding stickler for quality and innovation, he chooses to invest in the artistic community that dominates his business. This process has enabled his company to grow organically and retain a very high level of flexibility. “Listening to my customers and being open to their dreams and ideas is not only my natural tendency, but the core of my business success”, observed Randolph. “Magnolia Emporium is a gathering of what I would call well-researched treasure”. The eclectic presentation of colorful murals, evocative music and social outreach is Randolph’s commitment to community—and the effort is based on an unwavering need to embrace his interests without reservation but with plenty of research.


personalized rvRandolph James enjoys a level of interaction with his clients that enables him to pique their interest with diverse and playful wares.

After two years of growth in the Charlotte location and seven years since inception, Randolph is establishing the foundation for expansion—not through franchising but through licensing of his concept of curated shopping. This approach will ensure that the quality of his brand and his commitment to community will travel with the outreach of his business. And it should come as no surprise that Randolph James has an innovative idea for managing and directly supporting the growth of his nascent empire. For years, he has maintained a digital file on recreational vehicles—a nostalgic love that connects him with his childhood and the people who are closest to his heart. In time, this research has narrowed to following the design and engineering decisions being made by Advanced RV in Willoughby, Ohio with great interest. “I could use my RV not only as my home away from home but as a way to bring samples of artwork and items that I’m excited about to my new locations”, said Randolph. “My life and my business are all about connecting with people.” A strong experiential knowledge of Mercedes vehicles was one element that attracted Randolph to the chassis used by Advanced RV but he was pleased to see that the engineering team at ARV was making decisions to improve on technology that even Mercedes had not perfected. “What if“? is a frequent question heard at the ARV shop. There is an unmistakable passion for excellence—starting with the highest quality components as well as seeking out and evaluating innovative technology. But it never stops there. It could be due to the inquisitive nature of a founder who always wants to know what’s over the next hill. It could be due to the incomparable relationship that ARV enjoys with its clients—who graciously share their ideas and articulate their dreams. Most likely, it is a combination of these and other factors that coalesce into a company that goes beyond creating a product and is actually in the business of enabling a lifestyle choice. Perhaps that synergy explains more of Randolph James’ attraction. “I have great respect for Mercedes”, said Randolph, “but their navigation system is really lagging as a feature. I’ve gathered every one of the instructional videos that ARV has posted to YouTube in a digital file and I was so pleased to see that they are addressing this issue”. The parallels between Randolph’s business and ARV bring him an additional sense of comfort as an artisan who has a strong appreciation for quality and engineering. “It is clear to me through ARV’s video posts that Mike Neundorfer is an engineer who has an appreciation for artisans and also that we share a commitment to listening, learning and exploring.”


sprinter vanPerhaps the rigor of maintaining the acetylene lamps which required the owner to manage a chemical reaction between water and Calcium Carbide every time that lighting was desired was too much for the otherwise intrepid explorers who outfitted this ERV—[early RV].

Is a desire for the RV lifestyle an inherited trait? Randolph James appreciates the fact that every Advanced RV is “curated” to its owners’ specifications. And while he is still in the planning stages for acquiring his own ARV, Randolph indulged in a true throwback bout of nostalgia to the powerful memories of his childhood and the joys of hitting the road with his family. The antique Model T Ford shown on the left was customized as a camper by the Ford Motor Company and found its way into Randolph’s father’s collection along with two others—all from the early 1900’s. Epitomizing the current concept of “glamping”, this custom configuration included a full tent, camping and cook gear. According to the travel log that the couple who commissioned this recreational vehicle maintained, these amenities were apparently insufficient to lure them out beyond the first year on the road.

custom motorhomeluxury motorhome

The bus that is pictured on the right was lovingly upfitted by Randolph’s father even to the point of cutting off the roof and raising it up.

Watch Advanced RV’s YouTube videos here

Learn more about Advanced RV here


Serious Downsizing: The Good (Advanced-RV) Life

You could say that we’re hooked on traveling by motorhome. We’ve traveled extensively through the USA, Canada, and Mexico, logging a little over a million miles in 50 years. Throughout our travels we have discovered our exceptional continent and the interesting peoples that inhabit it.

We purchased our first motorhome in the mid 1960s, and since that time we’ve owned seven, including (in order) our first 23’ gasoline-powered Class A, a 33’ gasoline-powered Class A, a 34’ diesel pusher, a 40’ MCI custom conversion coach, a 45’ MCI custom conversion coach, and a factory Sprinter conversion. We’ve towed trailers, cars, trucks with motorcycles, boats, and even an enclosed trailer with a hot rod. Our current coach is a custom Sprinter conversion by Advanced-RV, and we currently tow nothing.

downsizing to a class b rv

Carol and Dave’s previous coach: a 45’ MCI Renaissance by Ramblin’ Fever, towing a 24’ car trailer to hold their 1935 Dodge Brothers Hot Rod.

We’ve been fortunate to upgrade and upsize as our lives and family changed. Our first 23’ motorhome was used to take our kids and friends snow skiing, waterskiing, and exploring. We could sleep eight in what (we thought) was relative comfort. As our family changed, so did our tastes in motorhomes: our 45’ conversion coach really slept two (though we could have overnight guests on the sofas).

Our first Sprinter was purchased on a whim, and we truly enjoyed the freedom it offered. Our current Sprinter has many of the features found in our conversion coach, and its custom design fits us. We enjoy the high-quality workmanship, comfort, ease of driving, parking, and no towing. Its large Lithium Ion battery pack with engine-driven generator and inverter allows us a complete electric coach that operates independently. We get 17.4 mpg for 26,000+ miles. Most of all, we like the freedom to go almost anywhere and everywhere without looking for places to stop and hook up. We can park where a large pickup truck can. And because this is a custom coach, the tankage is sufficient for us to manage two weeks without filling and emptying.

Custom Sprinter RV

Carol & Dave’s current coach, a 24’ custom Sprinter conversion by Advanced-RV. This was shot at the beach of Pacific City, Ore., where they launch & retrieve Dory Boats.

Our small coach is ready to go at a moment’s notice, and we’ve spent seven months aboard touring many of the backroads in our country. In fact, we seem to purposely avoid freeways and tour the backcountry with no agenda. Old-fashioned paper maps help us find the out-of-the-way places.

custom rv

Carol & Dave in front of their Advanced-RV “Super Stealth”

Our Advanced-RV is smaller than our past motorhomes, but it didn’t take long to get used to and appreciate. Life is good.

View more photos of BB2 on our Gallery here:

Learn more about our design process here:

rv bathroom

A Large Class B RV Bathroom: Advanced RV Client Innovation

Advanced-RV is about listening, learning, and innovating. One challenge in Class B design is creating a comfortable, functional RV bathroom, including room for showering. With the guidance from our clients, Advanced RV has expanded bathroom space without narrowing the aisle or shortening the bed. The following video shows one of the many enlarged bathrooms with expandable shower. Enjoy.

To learn more about designing your Advanced RV, visit our website by clicking here.


Luxury Rv

Try Advanced RVs Luxury RV Rentals Before You Buy

Our friends A & J, from Eugene Oregon, rented “Stewie,” one of Advanced RVs luxury RV rentals, here on the west coast early this past May for a week-long excursion thru the Californian deserts and Southern Utah. Stops included Joshua Tree National Park, Mohave National Preserve, Zion NP and Bryce Canyon NP.  They camped and drove through sun, wind and rain and learned a great deal about what it’s like to travel in an Advanced RV. Here’s a look at their inspiring photos along with a helpful Q & A with tips for future renters and potential  buyers.

Is there any one day of your trip that stands out? If so, what was special about it?  

class b travel

From a sightseeing standpoint we enjoyed hiking in Zion (Observation Point) and Bryce (Fairyland Loop and Queen’s Garden trail). From an ARV standpoint it was being warm and cozy inside while the rain fell in Zion and wind blew in Joshua Tree. As former tent campers it was so nice to not be battling the elements and scrambling to secure the tent.

Do you have a favorite place that you visited or camped?  

Ditto on Zion and Bryce. These parks are completely different in nature but equally stunning. Camping within a National Park is convenient although crowded. It’s the nature of the beast. After our National Park fix we appreciated the relative solitude of Mohave National Preserve near the WWI Memorial cross on Cina Rd. That’s also where we learned the importance of: Boon docking for the night well off the road (even one with light traffic). It’s easier to relax when at 2am a car drives past and we’re hoping it’s not a drowsy driver. Or worse.

As potential ARV buyers, what would you say are the biggest advantages or renting first?

 Using the equipment and learning the systems. A person can look at pictures of configurations all day long and it doesn’t take the place of first hand knowledge.

Luxury Rv

Was your rental long enough (one week) to get a feel for the “lifestyle”? 

Yes. Experiencing inclement weather was a good thing in that it reinforced the importance of having books, music and games on board.

What did you learn that was new and/or unexpected about the coach or RV travel?

Mercedes RV

On the up side:

  • I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use the Silver Leaf to control the systems.
  • How easy it is to drive with plenty of power for passing and hills.
  • How far 400 AH went towards keeping us warm & fed. We always had plenty of juice in the batteries. We did drive every day but one which helped with charging.
  • The importance of level ground for sleeping and cooking.
  • The value of earplugs.
  • How great it is to be warm and dry. Can’t mention that enough.
  • How convenient it is to have a toilet!
  • The importance of well-fitting sheets. The sofa bed in Stewie is a bit too large for a fitted queen sheet. We tried a few different options and decided the best was using a flat Queen sheet for the bottom sheet and a comforter with duvet cover for the top.
  • I didn’t realize how much I would love the Keurig.
  • Staying off interstate and taking the road less traveled, which is our preference, is less crowded and more scenic. Consequently it’s a slower route that results in less miles per day in order to enjoy the journey.

On the down side:

  • I was not expecting the coach to rattle as we motored down the road. I don’t know why I wouldn’t have expected that. It wasn’t a big deal and I got used to it. [update: Sounds were traced to loose contents in cabinets. Issue resolved.]

Sprinter RV

What are the top three features you appreciate most about the Advanced RV?

  1. Silver Leaf monitoring system
  2. Lithium batteries
  3. It is well-designed and and well-built

Did the experience of renting influence your decision to purchase an Advanced for/against? If so, please explain.

Our experience confirmed that Advanced RV is the company we would purchase from. Over the past week we have given a lot of thought to that topic. We have decided to sell our vacation home which puts us in a bit of a transition at the moment and in a holding pattern.

Custom RV

Any other comments or suggestions come to mind from your travels?

The main thing I appreciate about Advanced RV is their ingenuity. Through their previous RV experience Mike and Marcia determined the systems that would best meet their needs and the needs of those looking for quality and the ability to go off-grid for extended periods of time without a generator or propane. Being a rookie at RVing I am able to benefit from their expertise which makes my experience so much better.

Luxury rv rentals

A & J, Eugene, OR – May 2017


Editor Note: RV Rental By Advanced offers a “Try before you buy” Rental Opportunity for Prospective Buyers. Apply a 30% of your rental fees toward your future purchase. Check with staff at Advance d RV for more details.