We received many questions and comments in response to “By the Numbers” in our last newsletter. To answer your inquiries, we’ve pulled together even more facts for you.

The long and the short of it. Only 8% of our motor homes have been built as Ocean models on the 170” standard-length Sprinter chassis. A couple of these, Pebbles and Stewie, were early “spec” motor homes. One was built for a doctor who commutes daily to work and calls it her “woman cave.” She brings homemade lunches to work in her fridge and spends her lunchtime listening to music and eating.

The remaining 92% of our clients have chosen our Ocean One configuration built on one of the extended chassis offerings. The extended chassis has an additional 16” of internal space and handles as well as the standard-length. Plus it still fits in a parallel parking space.

Road trip rest. Our three-section, automatic powered sofa bed (which deploys into a queen-plus bed with the push of one button in about 15 seconds) has been the choice of 43% of our clients. 25% picked twin beds, 22% selected fully-articulating beds, and the remaining 10% chose platform beds or other custom-designed beds.

Sofa bed as sofa

Sofa bed as seating, our most popular bed choice.

sofa bed 2

Sofa bed deployed, our most popular bed choice.

What’s your favorite color?  The color choices our owners have picked: 18% Artic White 27% Pearl Silver, 13% Brilliant Silver, 20% Graphite Grey, 2% Grey White, 5% Velvet Red, 2% Dolomite Brown, 2% Black Blue, 5% Obsidian Black, 2% Jet Black, 2% Stone Gray, and 2% Blue .

Stepping up. We designed and began offering our nerf bar step/enclosure sides with the introduction of our EcoRanger 4×4 motor homes. 33% of clients chose the nerf step on their rear wheel-drive motor homes, and 75% of clients chose them on their EcoRangers. The rest of the EcoRangers (25%) were fitted with our sleek skirt steps.


Nerf Bars


Skirt Step

We’re looking forward to another great year at Advanced RV. We’ve made improvements in our build process and efficiency, and we’re now delivering roughly a year after the client initial deposit. As always, we continue to meet our quality goals for every motor home.

Have any more questions for our team? Share them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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