Have you ever wondered who owns an Advanced RV?

Do Advanced RV owners travel with pets?

Are owners mostly from Advanced RV’s home state of Ohio?

Read on to learn more about who owns Advanced RV motor homes.

  • 71% of Advanced RV owners are married or in long-term partnerships.
  • 14% of our owners are women.
  • 30% of our owners have pets and travel with them.
  • 12% of our owners rented an RV from us before they bought one.
  • 10% of our owners have purchased a second Advanced RV
  • 30% of clients have chosen a 4X4 EcoRanger, which have 6-cylinder engines.

Of those who chose our standard Ocean or extended OceanOne, 35% chose a 4-cylinder and 65% chose a 6-cylinder engine.

Advanced RV owners reside in every corner of the country. Of course, we have several owners who reside in Ohio, but our owners also come from Kentucky, Oregon, Massachusetts, Arizona, Vermont, California, Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, Virginia, Florida, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Minnesota, South Carolina, Maine, and Washington D.C.



Traveling with pets.


EcoRanger (Photo courtesy of Steve Coyer)

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