Are you considering buying an Advanced-RV? We always recommend renting a motorhome to try before you buy. And one of our recommendations for your rental is Harvest Hosts, a network of wineries, farms and agri-tourism sites that invite self-contained RVs to visit and stay for free.


Harvest Hosts is the perfect way to try out boondocking or dry camping in a low-stress way, and get a taste of how fun it can be. For a $44 annual membership fee, you’ll get access to a list of about 500 wineries, farms, museums, and more from across the country that have agreed to allow members to park for one night on their scenic grounds in exchange for a “thank you” purchase (e.g, a bottle of wine, a museum ticket, some fresh farm produce, etc.). Harvest Hosts is offering a special discount to Advanced RV renters – your membership will be $40 with the code ADVANCEDRV16. You can meet the host and learn about their lifestyle—be sure to arrive early enough to enjoy your visit and make new friends.




On Harvest Hosts’ website, you’ll get an idea of the general areas for the locations, and then you’ll have access to specific details on the members-only site after you sign up. According to a Harvest Hosts member with an Advanced-RV, “Each one of these places has been a unique, fun experience. You can overnight at vineyards, a cider mill, a wildflower farm, and a produce farm with a petting zoo.”


Quite a few Harvest Hosts locations are within an easy driving distance of our Willoughby headquarters, including some around the lakes and Niagara Falls. According to our Advanced-RV friend, “I know when I rented, I wanted to test out Advanced-RV’s boondocking capabilities, and as I’m sure you know, that’s one of the things that really distinguishes your vans from the rest of the market. Harvest Hosts is a fun, way to ease newbies into the boondocking/dry-camping lifestyle—sure beats staying at Walmart or trying to find a place on the fly when you have no idea what’s legal.”




We invite you to try out an Advanced-RV and get the most of your experience with Harvest Hosts, whether you end up at winery, a beautiful farm or a historic museum!

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