Picking Up Your Advanced RV: Part 1, An Overview

We’ve talked a lot in the past about what to expect when you visit Advanced RV, when you rent an Advanced RV, when you begin to build your dream van with Advanced RV. But what about that long-awaited moment when you see your finished motor home for the first time? When you finally get to touch it, explore it, sit in the driver’s seat? We hope you feel all the fuzzy feelings of excitement and overwhelming joy, but we know you might also feel a hint of uncertainty, especially if this is your first RV.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect when you take delivery of your Advanced RV.

  1. Delivery and training typically takes 3-4 full days, and we recommend scheduling your pickup for a Friday through Monday. When you arrive, an Advanced RV team member will serve as your “personal trainer,” going over every feature in your van with you and making sure you feel ready to take to the road, but first you will receive your vehicle’s title and registration. Congrats! You are now the official owner of an Advanced RV that is all you, and all yours.
  2. Beginning your training on a Friday means that you have the weekend to embark on your “Maiden Voyage.” This is your chance to head out on your own in the motorhome you designed, apply what you learned during Friday’s training, discover what questions you still have, and taste that first bite of true freedom. Our customers typically travel between 3-6 hours away from our facility in Willoughby, Ohio (don’t worry, we’ll cover where to go in Part 2). Your Advanced RV personal trainer will be available to you 24/7 should you have any urgent needs.
  3. Monday morning (or Day 4), after you’ve returned from your Maiden Voyage with your stories and your questions, you will reconnect with your Advanced RV personal trainer. They will continue to go over any functions and features that you feel unsure about until you are comfortable enough to begin your journey home.

A few other expectations or tips from past customers:

  • You’ll receive a User Manual to support the training you receive on Day 1. This manual covers everything from your batteries to your curtains, and is designed to serve as a helpful resource before you leave for a trip, while you’re on the road, and when you stop for the night. It’s yours, so feel free to make notes in it of any questions you come across during your Maiden Voyage.
  • You will also gain access to our Slack community. Slack is an app you can download on your phone, and we’ve created a customer support group where you can ask questions of your fellow Advanced RV owners as well as our team.
  • Many customers choose to ship items such as chairs, bikes, etc. to our facility before they arrive. That way, their gear is here and ready to be loaded into their van in case they wish to use it during their Maiden Voyage or their departure journey.
  • An alternative to shipping gear before your arrival, is shopping once you get here! We can recommend several stores depending on what you are looking to purchase for your new motor home. For the outdoor enthusiasts, we can’t speak highly enough of our friends at Appalachian Outfitters, located right outside Cuyahoga Valley National Park and just 30 minutes south of the Advanced RV headquarters. In addition to the highest quality outdoor clothing and gear, they carry several compact furniture, dish/cooking, and bedding options–perfect for stowing in a Class B!
  • We may contact you ahead of your delivery and request a short interview. This is completely optional, and we’ll always ask your permission before sharing any quotes or information, but we’d love to capture a bit of your story if you are willing.
  • Expect to take a celebratory team photo with us! Our engineers and craftspeople work hard to bring your dream van to life, and you wait patiently for its completion! You’ve become part of the Advanced RV family, so why not capture that in a family photo?

Delivery days are some of our favorite days around here. We hope it’s one of your favorite days too.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we’ll discuss places to go for your Maiden Voyage!

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